Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – UPDATE, Prestige

The war is over, and my roommate has won.  Reaching level 80 first, he “prestiged”, and by our apartment’s definition, beat the game.  I put up a good fight – making it into the 40s, but I was no match.  After “presitging”, one starts at level zero and has to earn all of their weapons again, at least now I maybe able to beat my roommate.

Playing Call of Duty has been a great experience, and the game shows the full potential of online networked gaming.  I interacted with many different gamers from all around the world and across so many different formats of matches.  Thanks for following my research!

Lots of Screens

Tracking my use of computers over an evening, it’s a little shocking how connected I always am.  As soon as I got home from class, I put my computer down to charge and turned on a television.  In my room, I seem to leave my TV on just for the sound.  While my computer charged, I used my blackberry to communicate with my friends.  At a certain point, I found myself sitting in front of the living room TV with a laptop in my lap and a blackberry sitting next to me, and my TV on in my room connected to my playstation.  Just about everything I do is aided by a computer.

This fact became very clear to me when I broke my laptop a few weeks back.  The screen died, and I could barely keep up in  any of my classes.  The experience showed my the downside of being so dependent on technology; it breaks all the time.

Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 UPDATE – Post-discussion post

I hope my presentation was interesting for everyone; I really enjoyed doing my research and analyzing it for the class.  Looking over our discussion questions, I felt I should elaborate on one of the topics.

– Does the online aspect of the game make it more violent?  Would you let your kids play Call of Duty?

The class was somewhat mixed about this question, and there are a few different ideas at work here.  First, the human element that online gaming provides.  Because a player “kills” another player, the violence seems to be realer than most video games, but this quality is very subjective.  Second, the idea of the techno panic.  I had overlooked this argument, and its certainly worth noting.  Often times, gaming is demonized by the media (like the story I brought up in class), and not given a fair turn.  Is that happening here?  Is Call of Duty training snipers or simply improving our dexterity? I’m leaning towards the latter, but the class should continue the discussion.


Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 UPDATE – Discussion Questions

I’m presenting tomorrow, and to start a discussion I wanted to pose a few questions:

— Are online games a legitimate form of social interaction?

— Does the online aspect of the game make it more violent (you’re killing a real person’s avatar)?  Would you let your kids play Call of Duty?

— What’s the future of online gaming?

Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 UPDATE

Since winter has come along, it has been easy to log hours playing Call of Duty.  The online gameplay is great.  I’ve gotten much better at the game, and two or three times I’ve placed in the top three.  So many of the players are different ages and from different countries, it is very interesting.  I am now a level 25, and I have unlocked a good percentage of the unlockable items.  I find that my favorite online game mode is free-for-fall, the non-cooperative gameplay, it is much faster paced.  The team death match mode requires a lot of patience, and players often hide and shoot with sniper rifles.  I much prefer an assault rifle or sub-machine gun.  My roommate also plays on the PlayStation Network, and we have been able to play in games together.  While we could work together, we end up just trying to kill each other.  Many hours in, I’m still not bored with the gameplay, its all online so it is always different and new.

Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – UPDATE

Unfortunately the wikipedia page for Call of Duty 3 is locked to unregistered IP addressees, so I am unable to contribute to the posting.  I’ll share my additions here instead.  The third installment of the game added new game modes, and the wikipedia posting doesn’t fully explain one of them.  “Kill Confirmed”, its called; a player receive points for killing an enemy and picking up their dog tags.  This element adds a lot of strategy to the gameplay.  Players can leave the tags on the ground and stand by them in order to draw enemies into an ambush, for instance.  The game mode also rewards its players with a lot of points, so they progress quicker in the game.  These facts are definitely worth adding to the wikipedia page, and referenced in this online article:

Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – UPDATE

My research has been slowed by issues with the PlayStation Network servers, but I have managed to get in a lot of online gameplay.  I am currently a level 16 player, my highest weapon level is 9 on the M16.  My skills have room for improvement, and I have yet to be invited to play with any co-ops or clans.  The game is a lot of fun, and I have played with players from all over the world.  The community is incredibly diverse; ranging from retired Marines to little kids – I’ve been beaten by both.  I’m working on perfecting my screen shots – soon I’ll be able to post my full scorecard.  Again, my ID is Purpdawg5000;  add me on PlayStation Network!

Watching TV: YouTube vs. Hulu

To contrast YouTube and Hulu, I attempted to watch an episode of Family Guy.  I visited Hulu first.  The new episode was easy to find, and played with “Limited Commercial Interruption” courtesy of Sprint – meaning an ad played every few minutes. All in all, the quality and convince of Hulu outweighed its commercials.

My YouTube experience was not as positive, I could not find a full version of the episode I wanted, and there were even “fake” ones.  FOX and their lawyers have done a more than decent job at enforcing ownership.  Hulu has fewer videos overall, but if you’re going to sit down and spend a decent amount  of time watching television on the internet, it is by far the better of the two.

Copyright laws…

I rarely pay any attention to copyright laws when I’m on the internet, and I’m sure this is true of most people.  I download music, TV shows, and movies from various sources, some of which I know to be illegal.  It’s not always about cost, sometimes content is only available through less than legal channels.  iTunes is certainly the only place I’ll pay for music, and even then I usually will only buy a few songs, as opposed to downloading the whole album on torrent.  The majority of my TV viewing is done on Charter cable or Netflix, so I let those companies deal with finding licenses.  I’ve noticed that Netlflix’s offerings have been shifting around, this is most definitely due to keeping and losing certain licenses to provide content.  Although I am fully aware that these laws are in place, it is far easier to ignore them.  The internet’s “free”-doms inspire us all to be criminals.

Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

For my project, I am analyzing the online-networked gameplay of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  The online multiplayer game is proving to be a perfect example of its genre, and through my research I am experiencing its unique features and community.  The game is extremely dense and provides very compelling gameplay.  I am quite a few hours into my research, and I have yet to win a match, for instance.  (I will explain exactly what this means in my presentation.)  If anyone in the class is playing on PlayStation Network, my ID is Purpdawg5000, add me and we can play together.  Updates to follow!