For my last Practicum post I am happy to anounce that I am ending on a good note.

I posted on my support gorup page the following post:

“Hey I was wondering if anyone had any funny cat/dog videos to brighten my day? I’m at college and I am really missing my pups/cat 🙂 ”

Someone who follows my page responded with this nice coment:

“Sorry, I do not have a video. Wishing you to receive a very funny cat/dog videos soon. Wishing you all the happiness. God bless you.”

Another person who follows me sent me this video. I thought it was funny so I thought I’d share it with everyone. here’s the link

Overall, this project was a good experience I’m glad I got the chance to do somthing that I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise .

Keeping track

Last night was a crazy night to choose to keep track of what I was doing online and on different networked technologies. First off I worked my job at the UW Foundation T-fund which means I sit in front of a computer for 3.5 hours calling alumni and going through hundreds off computerizer records. During this time it gets a little boring so I obvi am on my phone playing Words With Friends, Tweeting, and checking Facebook. After work tickets for the Rose Bowl were going on sale at 9 PM and based on my experience last year they sell out really fast. So because I was so nervous about not getting tickets my roommate and I grabbed as many lap tops as we could find, between the rest of my roommates, and sat online preparing for 9 o’clock to come around in hopes the server would let us on first to buy tickets. My roommate couldn’t get through right away but  luckily everything worked great for me and I was able to do three different transactions on my lap top at 9:01, 9:04, and 9:08. Needless to say I was pretty much never not using the internet and my computer yesterday.

Support Groups Update

About a week ago I added to the Support Group Wikipedia page and today I went back to see if what I added was still there and it was not. I’m guessing what I did wrong was add a link that Wikipedia needed to evaluate before they officially add it to their cite. however, i do like the policies they have because otherwise anyone could go messing up pages by adding false information As you can see from this pic there are a number of differnet types of support groups that are listed however, the one that I am focusing on for my project was not (loss of a pet). Even though I tried to add it last week, the formating must have been a little off because what I added was removed 😦 . O well still kind of interesting to try!

Support Group Update

Just a quick post about what’s going on with my practicum project. I am looking into support groups, specifically loss of a pet. Today I was actually reading other people’s blogs and saw that someone was actually joining the group to do research for a project too. I thought this was kind of interesting because that is the reason that I am in the group too. I wonder if he will receive the same treatment as I did? Everyone was really nice and friendly to me but his post didn’t really have anything to do with “loss of a pet” so people may not respond the same way to him. Nevertheless, I did respond to him and told him about my experience within the group so hopefully we will be able to help each other out.


Support Groups

I thought it was time that I added a little something to the Wikipedia page on Support Groups. I found that Wikipedia did a good job covering many different aspects concerning support groups, so I found it difficult to add to the page. I did however notice that under the section header titled, “Types of Support Groups”, Loss of a pet was missing. Grief was listed however, after doing this project I found that there was a community out there on the web dealing with loss of a pet so I did feel that it was necessary for me to add a link to the loss of a pet support group. I was really surprised how easy it was for me to add to the Wikipedia page. I have heard many times about how Wikipedia is not a reliable source because of the easy access to changing information but I was still surprised. I don’t know why they would ever take this link down but I’m interested to see what happens. I’ll keep everyone posted!

YouTube vs Hulu

Looking at YouTube vs Hulu I didn’t notice too big of a difference when I searched for a footloose music video haha. I think for me it just comes down what I am used to and feel more comfortable using. Both pretty much brought up the same links when I searched Footloose music videos. I will still probably use Youtube just because its like second nature for when I need to look something up I just always use Youtube. However it was interesting to see and use another search engine other than YouTube

Support Groups Practicum

For my practicum project I am looking into support groups and the one that I joined was “Loss of a Pet”. I just wanted to share an experience that I had with the support group this past weekend that kind of “erked” me a little. One person who was trying to promote a supposedly up in coming band from Seattle used the group to spam out promotions for the band. This bothered me because this is clearly an inappropriate way to use the site. Then I started wondering am I inappropriately using the site for this project? I thought about it more and more and I really do not think I am. Although this has been a project I have shared personal stories about my old dogs that I do believe have made people laugh and brighten there day when they were feeling down. Therefore, I don’t believe that I am anywhere close to on the same level as those who spam the sites with promotions.


So my experience with copy right issues never seem to be an issue until the last few years and even then it has not greatly effected how I use the internet. I can remember being a freshman and using “Limewire” do download music. I didn’t really register that I was doing something wrong until I got a notice from house fellow saying that the UW was aware of what I was doing and the notice asked me to stop immediately. I thought this was kind of weird just because I hardly used “Limewire” and when I did it was only to download a song or two. Pretty much everyone on my floor received these notices so I didn’t feel that bad, nevertheless I still stopped.

The next time I ran into this was actually last year when my then- roommate actually received a letter from Paramount asking telling her that if she didn’t stop illegally downloading movies they would move forward… kind of scary for her. I was always wondering how she was able to blog about her top 5 picks for Oscar nominees when the films were barley out of theaters. I don’t know exactly what my roommate was using but whatever it was she stopped using it immediately. Overall, that’s a relatively extreme case of copyright issues.

I do however see why entertainment industries do try to control and regulate usage in order to protect what is theirs. However, I personally download music from time to time and use cites like “Channel 131” to watch episodes of Dexter but other than that I cant really say that these copyrights issues affect me too much.

Support Groups– ruff ruff

So since I just posted about google I thought that I would just kill two birds with one stone post about my progress for my practicum project. Just a reminder my topic was support groups and I was interested in focusing how online forums, like support groups, really can become a virtual community. Again, I am now in a “loss of a pet” support group. Today I posted a funny story about one of my old dogs—it was about how once I was letting him out to go to the bathroom and he ran into my neighbors house and ate pancakes off their kitchen table (I went into more detail for my group). So it was basically just a funny story I thought off and everyone really loved it and was super touch. I had three people actually say that the story made their day…kind of cool when I think about it. Anyway just thought I would share about this experience today.


So today I Googled myself hoping something unique would come up but as suspected it was pretty much that same as everyone else is saying (not that facebook and twitter aren’t cool!) Sad to admit but I’m pretty sure I have googled myself before when I was younger. Now being older there are a few links that actually have to do with me and not just someone else somewhere around the world that has the same name as me. At the top of the list was my facebook account, followed by my Googl+ account (that I don’t even use), then my Twitter page. When I clicked images 9 or so images came up and none of them were images of me or, to my knowledge, had anything to do with me. I also tried doing a search that included my middle name and even less turned up. I guess this could be a relief knowing that if future employers try and google me nothing too crazy will pop up. Still I wish I could report back with a little more interesting experience than I have shared today.