So my experience with copy right issues never seem to be an issue until the last few years and even then it has not greatly effected how I use the internet. I can remember being a freshman and using “Limewire” do download music. I didn’t really register that I was doing something wrong until I got a notice from house fellow saying that the UW was aware of what I was doing and the notice asked me to stop immediately. I thought this was kind of weird just because I hardly used “Limewire” and when I did it was only to download a song or two. Pretty much everyone on my floor received these notices so I didn’t feel that bad, nevertheless I still stopped.

The next time I ran into this was actually last year when my then- roommate actually received a letter from Paramount asking telling her that if she didn’t stop illegally downloading movies they would move forward… kind of scary for her. I was always wondering how she was able to blog about her top 5 picks for Oscar nominees when the films were barley out of theaters. I don’t know exactly what my roommate was using but whatever it was she stopped using it immediately. Overall, that’s a relatively extreme case of copyright issues.

I do however see why entertainment industries do try to control and regulate usage in order to protect what is theirs. However, I personally download music from time to time and use cites like “Channel 131” to watch episodes of Dexter but other than that I cant really say that these copyrights issues affect me too much.

Support Groups– ruff ruff

So since I just posted about google I thought that I would just kill two birds with one stone post about my progress for my practicum project. Just a reminder my topic was support groups and I was interested in focusing how online forums, like support groups, really can become a virtual community. Again, I am now in a “loss of a pet” support group. Today I posted a funny story about one of my old dogs—it was about how once I was letting him out to go to the bathroom and he ran into my neighbors house and ate pancakes off their kitchen table (I went into more detail for my group). So it was basically just a funny story I thought off and everyone really loved it and was super touch. I had three people actually say that the story made their day…kind of cool when I think about it. Anyway just thought I would share about this experience today.


So today I Googled myself hoping something unique would come up but as suspected it was pretty much that same as everyone else is saying (not that facebook and twitter aren’t cool!) Sad to admit but I’m pretty sure I have googled myself before when I was younger. Now being older there are a few links that actually have to do with me and not just someone else somewhere around the world that has the same name as me. At the top of the list was my facebook account, followed by my Googl+ account (that I don’t even use), then my Twitter page. When I clicked images 9 or so images came up and none of them were images of me or, to my knowledge, had anything to do with me. I also tried doing a search that included my middle name and even less turned up. I guess this could be a relief knowing that if future employers try and google me nothing too crazy will pop up. Still I wish I could report back with a little more interesting experience than I have shared today.

Practicum post #1 before presentation: Support Groups

For my practicum assignment I was assigned to look at support groups and I chose to do an ethnographic study on “loss of a pet” support groups. I found this project really hit home with me because I am such a dog lover and grew up with 2-3 dogs my entire life. Since it is so hard parting with them I thought that joining this support group would be both interesting and even maybe a little helpful. Tomorrow I plan on giving my presentation and asking the following question.


Question: Is not disclosing your identity unethical in an online support group?

Also I plan to show 30 seconds of this clip and I hope it will tug a little on everyone’s hearts like it did mine! I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress with research project!



Chatroulette is Creepy

My experience with Chatroulette was a different one. In the five minutes I was on it I saw about 10 people and attempted to chat with 2 or 3 before it just creped me out. Maybe it’s an age thing. I know my little brother and his friends spend like hours on it randomly just messing around like high school kids do sometimes. All I know is it is for sure not for me.

I’ve heard some Chatroulette “horror stories”, if you will, from my brother and his friends, luckily my experience was not that dramatic. I’ve also read some other classmates experience with it and was not looking forward to checking it out. I would click and some random person would pop up on my screen. A couple of times I couldn’t understand what the other person was saying. On one hand I can see why people may like it because of the surprise element. On the other hand I’m sure there are a lot of people out there bringing a lot of x-rate content and that is a little scary. Overall, it was a different experience that I probably wouldn’t try again. However, it is kind of interesting to think that there is website  like this that pairs you with a person that could be on the other side of the world and that so many people are interested it something like this.

Hi Everyone!

Hi my name is Christy and I am a senior graduating in December majoring Communication Arts. I am from the Twin Cities and spent my first summer in Madison this past summer and loved it. A little about me, my favorite season is the Fall, I love everything about UW-Madison, and live for game days! I am excited to take this class because I spend a lot of time online doing everything from facebook, twitter, reading blog cites, and watching TV shows, ect. I’m looking forward to this class and nice to meet everyoe!

History of the Internet

Today we don’t even think twice about sending emails, searching the web, tweeting pics, or tagging friends but as explained in “History of The Internet” 50 years ago the Internet was just an idea. Like others in the class I found myself having a hard time following everything that was being said but after watching it again I was able to come to a better understanding. In the video we learn that the launching of Sputnik 1 during the Clod War in 1957 lead to the US creating Defense Advance Research Project Agency.

After years of advancement in computer technology computers got smaller and were more easily manufactured. Similar to what was covered in lecture the video states that TCP/IP guaranteed compatibility between networks and merged them to create the Internet. I found it interesting that countries were able to work together and through network exchange create the Internet. Finally, on February 28 1990 ARPANET hardware was removed and the Internet was up and running. This video mixed a lot of technological terms with some history and after watching it a couple times I feel like I was able to grasp key points and really understand how far the Internet has came over the past 50 years.