Final Practicum Post!

Finally, we’re made it – the end of the Practicum Project! I’ve done a little more playing on WoW, completing more quests and even went up another level. I’m starting to really get the hang of things and look forward to continuing my WoW account after this project. I’ve never considered myself much of a “gamer,” but this experience has truly changed my perception of myself.

I looked at the Wikipedia article on WoW, and noticed that there wasn’t a whole lot to change – these people had the game pretty much down to a “T.” I inserted a little clarification on one of the sentences – a clarification that I pulled from Kyra’s lecture on female gaming. The sentence read: “Reviewers felt that these changes in pacing would make the genre more accessible to casual players,” and after “casual players,” I expanded saying “- those who play for short periods of time.” I know this is subtle,a and for many would not need explaining, but I felt it was a helpful tidbit of information for inexperienced gamers and ultimately adds to the article.

Blog 7

For this final blog post we were asked to keep a log of all the “computized things” we utilized in one evening. I wish I had more to report, but as of late, all I’ve really used is my laptop computer to check facebook, my email, and to look up some directions. I wish I could get a phone with a data plan because I’m sure I would get my use out of it, and had I decided to write this post a couple of days ago, I would have probably could have added my recently-stolen Ipod Touch to this list… I’ve been pretty busy lately, and it’s definitely taken its toll on my technology use. Wish there was more to report!

Practicum 6

So tomorrow’s the big day. Everything seems to be coming together and upon further reading I and research I’ve come to see WoW in a new light. A lot of things I was unsure about I looked up and even happened to stumbled across other things relating to the game that weren’t even on my radar. My presentation is quite simple really – it starts with a description of MMORPGs, followed by a description of my specific MMORPG(WoW), and then delves into my own personal experience with the game. 

The question(s) I have for you guys is as follows: What sets a MMORPG apart from a regular video game? From an online virtual reality such as Second Life? What is the appeal to its players? 

Practicum #5

Apparently in order to make it ahead in World of Warcraft, a lot of time must be consumed wandering and figuring out things for yourself. I’ve spent what seems like an eternity trying to figure out how to get up to the next level and leave my homeland, but haven’t made it much further in terms of my game status since my last practicum post. I’ve done a lot of exploring, trying to find new lands and straying from the ever-amounting tasks you seem to accumulate in this game. I’ve tried to interact with people, but haven’t gotten anything that I would consider a response – I don’t know if this means these avatars were idle or actually just computer players. Either way, I’m starting to feel like I’m the only actual human in this world.

I participated in a multiplayer “raid,” or more so, I just joined in when I saw a bunch of people killing sea monsters. I kept asking what was going on, trying to gain some insight into what was happening around me, but my efforts were to no avail. Everyone seemed engrossed in the battle, but even after we had finished, no one seemed to want to help keep me up to speed. I’m going to try more in the way of socializing the next time I log in, and hopefully will be more successful in my attempts.

Youtube Vs. Hulu

For my Youtube and Hulu exploration, I decided to use the same video clip to best compare and contrast the two websites – an SNL clip addressing the recent Kardashian divorce scandal. First, I watched it on Hulu. Before the clip started, there was a brief advertisement that lasted around 5 seconds. The resolution of the video and sound quality were phenomenal, with a proper fade in at the beginning and fade out at the end. At the end there was an advertisement for SNL, followed by a list of recommended videos. In a short period of time it then automatically transported me to a new clip.

For Youtube, there was no wait in the beginning – I was brought directly to the video clip. I’m not sure if this is a new thing, because there used to be advertisements on YouTube, but for me, this time at least, there wasn’t one. The video clip was clearly taken from another source, like secondhand off the television, and the sound and image quality were less than impressive. There was a list of recommendations at the end, like with Hulu, but it leaves it on this screen until the viewer decides to take some sort of action.

The main difference between these websites has to do with quality and the use of advertisements. Hulu looks much more professional and legitamate, but takes longer to get to the content you wish to view. Youtube is quick and easy, but the image and sound tend to fall short.

Blog 5

With this blog posting, we were asked to write a response in relation to our personal experience with copyright and internet regulation. I can say with complete confidence that I rarely notice these things or pay sort of attention to them on webpages, and the only thing I’ve done that for sure has violated some sort of  internet law is the illegal download of music. While I know and understand the reasons behind this protocol, it hasn’t weighed too heavily on my conscience due to the sheer number of people who do it. Becoming a part of the majority isn’t necessarily right, and upon maturing in age and wisdom I have strayed from LimeWire, Mediafire, and the various other illegal sources from which I used to receive my music. Perhaps in the future I will notice violations of the internet “code” more often, as we will be discussing them in class and I’m sure they are very prevalent amid the internet, but as of now, I am for the most part oblivious.

Google Yourself

I decided to get a head start on my blog posts since I honestly have nothing better to do this week. So, blog 4 has to do with Googling yourself and seeing what you “do (or don’t) find.” The first link I retrieved was for my Facebook, disclosing basic information that I really don’t mind sharing. The rest were searches for people by the name of “David Pierringer” who were, in fact, not me. A couple links brought me to my uncle’s (same name) business, but other than that, I’m unaware of who or what the other links are referring to.

I also decided to Bing my name and found an actual summary of my Facebook, giving away where I’m from, what I’m studying, and even providing a picture. This worries me a little bit… Overall, I really don’t know how to feel about this blog assignment. I’m torn between wanting to have my information out there, as it can make things easier, and wanting to keep certain things under wraps. While I think the information provided is innocuous enough, I can’t help but feel like my privacy is being violated.