I’ll admit, I’ve Googled myself before as I’m sure many have. I typed in my name and the first three auto suggestions Google provided were : Jessica Seyferth, Jessica Seyferth tennis and Jessica Seyferth Facebook. I clicked on my name and it said 131,000 results were pulled. The first link was to my player profile on UWbadgers.com, following that other result links were newspaper articles on tennis at the University and my hometown and then other tennis links. I figured this would come up, and I noticed my LinkedIn account showed up as well. I am fine with that because I want people to be able to find me online and contact me if necessary. I also looked at images and saw most of the pictures of me were from UWBadgers.com but was really surprised to find some of my Facebook photos up there! I am not sure how that happened, but kind of creepy. It is amazing what you can find out about a person by the use of Google…I’ve definitely Googled other people to find things out!


The Ideal Avatar

Hey Class-

Tomorrow Jenny and I are presenting on online communities. I have been interacting in the world of Second Life.

In Second Life, you have the opportunity to create an avatar in which you see fit. This can be similar to what you look like in real life or you can create a whole new persona for yourself in this “second life”. Whether it is changing your sex, hair color, or even wearing a disguise as an animal.

People tend to create avatars that are an ideal version of themselves since it is an opportunity to create another ‘version’ of yourself. My question deals with the transition from Second Life to real life and vice versa.

Do you think the way way see ourselves as an avatar matters and effects our behaviors in real life?

A New Day in Second Life

I forgot to mention in my last post that my avatar name is Tammantha (I was trying to be somewhat creative). In order to make some friends I decided to go to a location based on chatting called Bear Dream Lodge. I made two friends, one who was also a newby like myself so we started chatting. ‘Tilma’ is the newcomer and my other new friends name is ‘Dream’. In the group chat, in Bear Dream Lodge, the avatar ‘Cherry’ was very friendly and gave us tips. Then things got a but raunchy when ‘Fun Girl’ asked “any men wanna fuck with me”. I decided to check out a new destination and see what kind of avatars were in Moose Beach.

On Moose Beach I met ‘Cristole’. We had a nice conversation for a second and then he/ she? said that I looked sexy.  I was not sure what to say to that, got creeped out and signed off.

Oh the adventures of Second Life that I am slowly adapting to.



When I first heard about Chatroulette and went on it for the first time, I vowed I would never go on it again, for the sake of passing up one of the creepiest experiences. I had only done it once before with a couple of my friends because we thought it was hilarious to see what kind of people were on there and what they were doing and then quickly ‘next them’. This time around I tried to stay on a person for a bit, but I cannot help but press next quickly as I feel this stranger is intruding into my life and personal space. I found that many on Chatroulette were men, creepily waiting for who knows what and to do who knows what. I decided it was time to quit Chatroulette when someone messaged me “show for show?”. I know people like to interact with people on the internet via chat rooms, social websites or dating sites, but Chatroulette is not the place to make friends…at least not for me.

Second Life: Day 1

I may need some major work with socializing. That is my final thought on my first attempt on SecondLife.

I did read a brief background on the program or online community before I signed up and joined just so I was not totally clueless. It totally reminds me of The SIMS, which I used to play a lot when I was younger. However I am dissapointed I cannot build a house, guess I may need to pay a couple dollars to upgrade.

My first encounter with fellow avatars did not go so smoothly. I tried the chat option but no one seemed to want to chat back. One person did chat back, however with some not so kind words. I asked several people to be my friend and am hoping the next time I sign on, I will be accepted!

For the first time being on Second Life, I am a little creeped out, but I think it will just take some more online avatar socializing to get used to it. 

History of the Internet

I thought the video “History of the Internet” (and accent) was very interesting. It helped me understand the progression of the internet and how it got to where it is today. I for one take the internet for granted and that video really made me appreciate the people and different types of technology that created the internet. It is amazing how far the internet has come in 50 years along with other types of technologies we have in the year 2011. It was a bit confusing at times with the terms, but the lecture notes helped make sense of it.

Introduction- Hello!

Hello class! My name is Jessica Seyferth and am a 5th year senior (nothing wrong with going an extra lap!) I am originally am from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where both my parents, brother, uncle and cousins attended… so I am a but of a traitor.  I played tennis the past four years here for the University and now that I am ‘retired’ I am enjoying doing all the things in Madison I have missed out on, including going to the farmer’s market,  going out on week nights and never missing a badger football game!

I am a communication arts major and plan on going into advertising account management or sports administration. I love to travel so when I graduate I hope to visit my twin brother in France, and then travel around Europe a bit before I enter the full time working world.

I am excited to take this class because it is unlike any other class I have taken before. Like everyone else I use the internet everyday and have taken it for granted and never looked at it critically. I know I will learn a lot from this class and do things I have never done before, like this first blog entry ever!