Presentation tomorrow!

My presentation tomorrow is on media sharing services, and I’ve chosen to join Instagram and Vimeo. Instagram is definitely the simplest way to share memories the exact instant you experience them! I love this app because it is so user friendly even my parents will understand how to use it. I’m having a little more difficulty navigating through Vimeo, but it is still a fairly basic website to share , upload, and explore videos. These websites are used as alternatives to others because they are more specialized and can provide higher quality feature. You’ll have to listen in class tomorrow to find out more about them!


As for now, I was just wondering

With the presence of so many social networking websites and media sharing outlets,  do you think it is necessary to have specialized websites for just videos and photographs? In your opinion what is the advantage of media sharing sites like Instagram and Vimeo as opposed to just uploading your videos and pictures to Facebook or Twitter?


Hulu vs. YouTube

I chose to watch an SNL clip with Jason Segel to compare and contrast Hulu and YouTube. Before doing the assignment I assumed that the YouTube video would have less advertisements than Hulu because Hulu is a more reputable source and is known to have more substantial licensing agreements. Anyone can upload a video to Youtube, which is completely different to the very organized Hulu site. After watching both videos, I realized that my assumptions were correct. There is a tradeoff, if you want better quality you must watch advertisements. The Youtube clip was a video of someone videotapping the skit on their television screen, which clearly compromised the quality of the video. The “camera man’s” hand was shaking while he was tapping, so the it looked unstable. The lighting was poor as well, which left the video too dark. On the other hand, the Hulu video had perfect quality of the clip, as if I was watching it straight from my television. The negative aspect of this viewing was that the clip had advertisements before and after the clip aired. They were only five seconds each, which isn’t enough to complain about how annoying commercials are.

I think YouTube is a good platform for watching short clips and videos because the quality is decent and often times it isn’t necessary for a short and less serious video to be perfect quality, but when I sit down to watch a tv show or a movie, and am investing a greater amount of my time, waiting for the advertisements to run is not a big deal.

Copyright policies

When it comes to copyright laws, copyright laws exist? Just kidding, but I treat these laws like they don’t exist. I haven’t really thought twice about the matter, which I’m not bragging about. My roommate actually got a letter from the government, listing the illegal movies she had previously downloaded. They warned her that they are monitoring her, and if her downloading does not stop then her internet will slowly be shut off. They also threatened her with taking legal action. Scary, I know. As far as my personal use, I just take music from my friends. Sometimes when I am completely obsessed with a song, I’ll download it or rent a movie from Itunes.

I will probably continue this habits and even if I stopped people will always get around any laws or policies put in place. When you think about how it has affected the media industry, artist’s, and actor’s careers, you think twice about it. But then I still download it.  For some reason, most people don’t just don’t consider it stealing. Maybe this is because there are no to very little consequences, except for the few people, like my roommate, that get threats from the government. Still I doubt that any action will be taken further than that.

Googling myself!

After googling myself, Lauren Jaeger, I realized that I should probably do something to gain more attention in life in order to have a more memorable legacy because pretty much nothing about me shows up.

The first result is a link to my profile on Linkedin followed by a link to my twitter account. The rest of the results don’t even relate to me. It’s interesting to find out what all the other Lauren Jaegers are doing with their lives. There are more than one links to Twitter accounts as long as links to other social media sites such as Mylife. Google came up with pictures of other Lauren Jaegers dancing, at a wedding, and traveling, but no pictures of me. After browsing through several pages of a Google search, I did not find anything more about myself.

It’s nice to know that there isn’t much information out there about where I live or where I am from at least with this simple of a search. There is currently a small panic about having too much information on yourself available on the internet, so this is reassuring that my personal life is not entirely too public.  If a future employer searches me, it’s comforting that nothing negative comes up about me. There are no legal situations or negative articles in any newspapers to scare away employers. I am a little bit surprised that nothing about my high school accomplishments or my role in a prestigious internship did not come up when I searched myself. Overall, I am satisfied by  the results of my search .

When will people stop using Chatroulette?

When Chatroulette first came onto my radar I thought the concept was a breeding ground for bad ideas and disturbing images. How can pairing two random people with video cameras turn into anything good? Nonetheless, I really wanted to see what all the hype was about, so I  gave it a try. My findings were nothing short of creepy because my experiences were marked by a few disturbing images of the male anatomy and stuffed animals in compromising positions. I felt relieved when I encountered completely harmless groups of high school to college age kids waiting for something interesting to come up.

When taking a step back from this experience, I understand why there would be a moral panic about this site. Chatroulette is like a chat room with video involved, which honestly scares me. You get live two-way interactions with complete strangers. I do not understand the point or the appeal of using it. There is really no way to censor or prohibit pornographic behavior. I don’t believe the internet should be policed, however, this website really does not serve any purpose or benefit anyone. It does not link old friends or connect you with people that have similar interests. Clearly this behavior and these images appear all over the internet, but most pornographic sites do not foster any interactions between people. Chatroulette makes it easy for teenagers to physically engage in sexual interactions or encounters. Although some people use it in an innocent manner will not cause any permanent damage to a child, it does seem like it could be an easy route for online predator to connect with a lonely teenager.

I really hope this fad is not here to stay because it doesn’t really fulfill any social needs. There are way more productive and better ways to spend your time than speaking with random strangers with bad intentions on the internet.

Hello 346!

Hi! My name is Lauren Jaeger and I’m from a Lake Forest, IL.  Unfortunately I’m a senior, which means I only one year left until real life begins. Although I’m eager and excited to move on from being a Communication Arts and Middle Eastern studies major and to chase my dreams, I plan to take full advantage of this year in Madison. I am very adventurous, and I’ve created a bucket list of activities to do, places to see, and restaurants to eat in Madison before I leave.

The most memorable adventure I’ve been apart of in the last few months was studying abroad in the spring in Barcelona, Spain. Saying this might be cliché, but I had the most incredible experiences exploring Europe. I absolutely loved living in a place where the culture was so vibrant and there were always things to do. It was truly an eye opening and unforgettable experience. Other than that, I am a fairly normal person. I spend a lot of time with my friends, reading fashion blogs, and enjoying life.

The internet is a critical part of my everyday life and sadly I panic without it. I love being able to research whatever I want and have so much information at my fingertips. I’m intrigued and excited for the semester ahead!

participation 2

Although certain points of the video overwhelmed me with copious amounts of new terminology that I felt consumed and confused by, I did take away a few lessons about technology and the internet. I was shocked by the fact that computers and the very basic concept for the internet began in the 1950s. This reinforces the point that the internet didn’t come out of thin air or one idea. It has been a process in which different ideas and notions have evolved throughout time to get to the point we are at today. It is also interesting to note how technology, like the internet , required manual programming by specialists. Today, many decades later, engineers, scientists, and other geniuses have been able to improve and dumb down technology so much that the three year old girl I babysit is able to navigate the internet with ease. I also found it fascinating that one of the main reasons the internet was forced to become decentralized was because of the discovery of missiles in Cuba, which could have easily targeted networks and destroyed them all. Overall, todays class gave me a deeper understanding of how the internet works rather than this video because the pace was too fast.