Practicum Assignments – Section 304 (Updated 9/21)

Group 1: Online Communities (10/5)
A1: Social MOO – Jenny Weeden
A2: Virtual World – Jessica Seyferth
B1: Media Fandom – Jenny Staebell
B2: Special Interest Group – Taylor Brickman and Amy Verhey

Group 2: Identity and Social Networking (10/12)
A1: Social Network Sites – Melissa Cooper
A2: Personal Homepage – Elissa Alster
B1: Microblogging – Ariel Barron and Jessica Bender
B2: Media-based Social Networking – Stephanie Wezelman

Group 3: Internet Users (11/2)
A1: Senior Citizens – Alyssa Bernstein
A2: Minority Groups –
B1: Social or Political Activism – Katherine Thibeau
B2: Support Groups – Nick Johns and Christy Donovan

Group 4: Social Production (11/23)
A1: Locative Service – Ashley Glowinski
A2: Social Review Site – Anne Leahy
B1: Social News Site – Amelia Gordon
B2: Specialized Information Community – Michelle Kresch

Group 5: Interactive Media (11/30)
A1: Online Console Gaming – Bennett Johnston
A2: MMORPG – David Pierringer
B1: Remix Production – Mike Coakley
B2: Media Sharing Service – Lauren Jaeger

A few of you are paired up for the same project. To be clear, you should
still each do your own project, but you will present together. You
should contact each other beforehand and make sure you’re each doing
different projects. For example, if two are doing microblogging, one
can do Twitter, and one can do Tumblr. Or in the case of support
groups, make sure you’re looking at two different support groups.

Greetings from Your TA

Hello, all. I’m Evan Elkins, the teaching assistant for CA346. I very much look forward to discussing the internet with all of you, and I hope that our discussions will help shed light on the ways many of us use or encounter digital media every day. Of course, I’m also glad I finally have an excuse to show large groups of students all of my favorite web videos.

As for me, I am a PhD student in the Communication Arts department here at UW-Madison. I research entertainment texts and industries, focusing in particular on television and internet comedy. In addition to my personal and professional interests in comedy and humor, I enjoy listening to music, riding my bike, and sampling Madison’s many wonderful restaurants.

Welcome to CA346!

Hey, everybody! I’m Danny, the lecturer for CA346 (and the discussion leader for CA288, the honors seminar that meets with it). I’m really excited to be teaching this class– you probably use the internet every day and we’ll be looking at all sorts of ways that it’s kind of a big deal.

And welcome to our dandy course blog, too! Take a minute to have a look around. It’s got all kinds of great stuff for you: readings, assignments, and other class info. And you should totally join our Facebook group and follow #ca346 on Twitter, too.

As for me, I’m doing research here at UW on internet policy and the public sphere. I also enjoy traveling, eating food, and following my favorite college football team (ask me if you want to know more, but, sorry, it’s not the Badgers…). That’s all for now– see you in class!