Hello! I’m also Jenny, I see there’s another one of us!

I’m from Madison – born and raised. My major is Comm Arts focusing on the rhetoric side. I’m driven by interpersonal communication and a much more psychological analysis of humans. I like to learn how people tick, and how to better appease them, whether they be business customers or friends. My first thought was to major in marketing, but I enjoy the CA courses much more because they are theory based and can be applied to every-day-life, as well as career-life. I’m looking forward to understanding this course, especially since I have no academic history with TV/Radio Courses, and my entire semester is filled with internet-based curriculum.

I like to make earrings in my spare time. I created a business plan in high school and intend to carry it out. You can find my earrings on facebook, but it’s a work-in-progress since I just created it, and half of my materials are at my parents’ home. The business is called ‘Earrings By Lobe Designs’, and hopefully one day I will open on State Street!

Okay, great meeting you. Hasta luego!


Hi my name is Christy and I am a senior graduating in December majoring Communication Arts. I am from the Twin Cities and spent my first summer in Madison this past summer and loved it. A little about me, my favorite season is the Fall, I love everything about UW-Madison, and live for game days! I am excited to take this class because I spend a lot of time online doing everything from facebook, twitter, reading blog cites, and watching TV shows, ect. I’m looking forward to this class and nice to meet everyone!


Hello! My name is Taylor Brickman and I am from Deerfield, IL (a northern suburb of Chicago). I just began my fifth year here at the University of Wisconsin and am looking forward to graduating in December. Although I don’t know exactly what I would like to do after graduation, I know that I would enjoy using my knowledge in communications to help individuals who are disadvantaged due to their race, class, sexuality, or disability. I enjoy dancing, watching TV, shopping, and hanging out with friends. My favorite hobby is scrapbooking because it allows my creative side to come out.

Recently, I have been using Twitter more often and am thrilled to report that I currently have 99 followers! Want to be lucky #100? Follow me @TayBrick :)

Hey 346!

My name is Anne Leahy, and I usually go by Annie. I grew up on the South side of Chicago with four older siblings. I’m a junior geared towards a double major in French and Communication Arts. Artistic expression has always been a huge part of my life. I did Irish dance for 11 years – going to the Regional, National and World Championships.Now, I mostly do ballet, jazz and African. I’ve played piano since I was five, and even did musical theatre for a couple of years. My other hobbies include running, reading books, trying to play other instruments, traveling to new places, watching football, and (of course) spending time on the internet. I would like to go into film production / editing someday; I enjoyed performance, but now I would like to learn what it’s like behind the scenes. I also have a vast curiousity in the inner-workings of the Internet, which prompted me to take this class, and I hope to learn as much as I can.

Introducing Myself


I am Nick Johns and I am a super senior majoring in Comm Arts and receiving a Certificate in Business.  I am from Delafield, WI which is only about an hour east of Madison.  This last summer I was a sales intern at Wind River Financial, which is a credit card processing company.  I do not find credit card processing fun nor interesting, but it was a great learning experience, nonetheless.  I am a big fan of the 90s and really enjoy the movies and music from that decade.  While the weather is nice, I like to golf and swim in the Madison lakes when there isn’t organ destroying bacteria floating around in it.  I look forward to taking this class because I am not too familiar with blogging or tweeting and I would like to learn a lot more about them.

Hi Everyone!


My name is Melissa and I am a senior at UW from Hewlett, New York majoring in Communication Arts (Radio, TV, Film). This past summer I interned at a marketing firm and I plan on finding a job in New York City after I graduate this upcoming Spring.  I was also recently abroad in Prague this past Spring semester where I was fortunate enough to travel all over Europe while receiving UW class credit which was an amazing experience.  I am excited for this class because I use the internet everyday whether its for finding good music, social networking, or simply reading the news, and I plan on learning much more about it.  Other than that I enjoy good shows/movies, watching the Badgers win, traveling, and spending time with friends.



Hello my fellow discussion-mates.

The name’s David Pierringer. Currently I’m a senior at the UW studying both Music Performance and Comm Arts on the TV/Radio/Film side. The internet is something that has always fascinated me – but then again, who doesn’t like the internet…? My main interests include playing and listening to dorky symphony works, reality TV shows, and making fun of people. I am bad at keeping secrets.


Well, hello!

Howdy everybody!

My name is Ashley and I am a senior majoring in Communication Arts-Rhetoric and graduating in December. I will miss this campus and the great people I have come across in the Madison area, but it feels good to get done a semester early. I will probably seek employment in the Green Bay area to be closer to family. I am trying to get the most out of Madison before I leave though! How did the years fly by so quicky? I have been trying local restaurants and enjoying Madison exclusive features like State Street. My favorite breakfast place in this town is totally Mickie’s Dairy Bar.

I like going to musicals and plays. Theatre is a huge hobby of mine. I also like reading, writting, and running. I am a big fan of kareokee and dancing even though I am no good at either. The internet is still kind of a mystery to me as my parents didn’t believe in computers when I was in high school. I am excited to continue to learn more about it and what a useful tool it can be!


Hi 346 classmates!

Hi Everyone! My name is Alyssa Bernstein and I am a senior majoring in Communication Arts. I am from Bedford, New York – just north of New York City. I love to travel, exercise, eat sushi, and watch reality television. As I’m sure most of you are the same, I am on the Internet for the majority of each day so I am excited to actually learn about the internet and its function in society. This past semester I studied abroad in Prague, which was absolutely amazing! While I miss Europe a lot, it is great to be back in Madison for my final year of college (scary!) Looking forward to a great semester 🙂

Hello CA346!

Hey everyone!

My name is Katherine Thibeau. I’m a senior studying psychology and communication arts. I’m from Edina, MN, just outside of Minneapolis. Currently, I do peer advising and events marketing for the psychology department. I also work as a research assistant for the Wisconsin Twin Project, which studies the development of various psychological disorders across childhood and adolescence.

In my free time, I love to walk around the beautiful lakes of Mpls, do yoga, eat, and spend lots of time with my beloved family and friends. Music is very important to me. Some favorites are Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, Kings of Leon, Jeff Buckley and Daft Punk. Lastly, I love to travel. My favorite places so far include Prague, London and Venice.

I’m looking forward to a good semester with everyone!