use of technology

Yesterday evening was a typical night for me. I watched TV, aided by my TiVo. Since I got the recording device, I have found that I watch a lot more TV than before, because more of the shows I like are constantly available to me. I also used my macbook computer throughout the evening. I worked on a paper, looked on Twitter, and killed some time on Facebook. Lastly, I used my iPhone to text friends, call my parents, and set an alarm for the following morning. I find that I use my iPhone more when I am out of my apartment because it can function as a substitute for the things I can do on my my computer.


Tick, tock. My Technology use won’t stop!

Keep track of all the computerized devices you use in an evening, huh? Well, I just got back from work where I used computers to help customers. A lot of the information I gave them I looked up via the internet. This made my job much easier not having to flip through phone books, etc. I then checked my e-mail on my phone to see if my group memebers from another class had sent out any other e-mails about our upcoming presentation before I left work. I noticed a friend had responded to “Words with Friends” while waiting for my manager to let me out of the building and I played a word back to them. Upon arrival at my home I sent out an e-mail using my laptop and my boyfriend showed me all of the apps he had downloaded on his acer tablet. I then surfed the desktop with my boyfriend looking for plane tickets to Vegas for my best friend’s wedding this weekend. I then realized tomorrow was wednesday and whipped out my HP touchpad to see if I had anything due for my theatre design class. Then I realized that I had a blog post due and so I hopped on my laptop again and here I am writting all about my computerized uses. I really like my touchpad. It makes a great calendar, memo pad, etc. I use my phone to listen to music and check e-mails anywhere and stay connected via facebook and Twitter on the go, as well as let my friends who where I am via foursquare. I like my boyfriend’s desktop for surfing the web becuase he has a big monitor. I liked the full keyboard on my laptop for typing up e-mails and blog posts. My technology is a big part of my everyday life and I use it a lot for many differnt purposes. I think that these computerized technologies make life so much easier and I do not know how I got by without a smart phone in the past.

Blog 7

For this final blog post we were asked to keep a log of all the “computized things” we utilized in one evening. I wish I had more to report, but as of late, all I’ve really used is my laptop computer to check facebook, my email, and to look up some directions. I wish I could get a phone with a data plan because I’m sure I would get my use out of it, and had I decided to write this post a couple of days ago, I would have probably could have added my recently-stolen Ipod Touch to this list… I’ve been pretty busy lately, and it’s definitely taken its toll on my technology use. Wish there was more to report!

My daily technology fix

For this blog post we were supposed to pay close attention to our daily use of technology and unfortunately I am a bit embarrassed. I have two social media internships so I guess that might cut me some slack but still I am constantly attached to some technological device during the majority of the day. Also for some reason this semester’s classes have decided to go green and distribute most of our reading materials and assignments online.

Throughout the day I use two different alarms on two different technologies to make my non-morning self wake up on time. I then check my email and spend the morning getting ready to, like Soundcloud. I then either make tea or coffee with some technology and am off to class. I always use my computer to type notes in Evernote during lectures and discussions. Sometimes these are recorded added to the embedded technology on my laptop.

When it is time to do homework or work for my internships I am balancing between reading online, typing a paper, or checking one of four twitter handles on Tweetdeck, my phone or the Twitter website. I also utilize Facebook to promote events and once again emails!

Today’s society is full of a variety of technologies that keep us students and employees buzzing all day long, who knows when it will end if the projected future is more, more and even more technological advances.

My Life is Ruled by Computers!

After doing this assignment, I was not surprised to realize that computers are taking over the world. One item in particular takes the cake for my most used computerized electronic and that item is…my iPhone! I don’t care that I am dependent on my phone. That thing is a genius that I can hold in my hand and take everywhere with me. Last night I used it to email, surf the internet,  text and video chat with my friends,  and shop online with the Gilt app.  I also used my phone to listen to music especially Adele, play games like bowling, and discover new information on my BBC app.  I constantly update my Facebook and Twitter on my iPhone and go on these sites exclusively when I’m on my phone. The real question is what can’t the iPhone do? Nothing!

I also used my laptop last night, which wouldn’t even be a necessity for me because of how often I am on my iPhone. I had to write a few blog posts and a bit of a paper that is due soon. If I didn’t need to use Word on my computer than I wouldn’t have used my computer at all because I prefer how the convenience of my phone.

Overall, last night was a good example of how I use computerized devices in my daily life. Technology has become such a crucial part of our modern society and I’m surprised by just how reliable it has become. There seems to be less bugs, viruses, and problems with all of my Apple technology, which is really comforting. Computers have become so accessible and easy to use, which explains why they have become more widespread. They allow you to adapt to any situation you’re in by finding where you are and what there is to do around you. Computerized devices are such an important part of my life because they are efficient, reliable, convenient, and make me accessible to the people I want to be accessible to.

It’s a Computerized Life

Besides the electronics I used every day such as my cell phone and computer, I was surprised to find that I don’t really use many computerized things other than my laptop. However, my laptop is almost never closed! I use it in class, outside of class, at the library, in my room, and because I’m using so often, the only times I’ve ever needed to close the screen is when I am transporting it in my bag to another place. I don’t have an ipad or kindle/nook, just a computer and cell phone. And while that seems fairly technologically simple these days, I find that I am on my computer for almost everything. Because I have a blackberry instead of an iphone, I don’t use it for anything other than contacting my friends through text/BBM… if I had the iphone I’m sure I would use it as often as my computer depending on where I was. My computer was used for Facebook/all school related things/skype/music/and online shopping. I’ve found that I’m an online, surfing shopaholic. I spend a lot of my free time when just talking to friends on different sites just looking but never buying. Even when I’m using other electronics such as my TV, I’m on my computer simultaneously online shopping or facebooking when I’m not doing my homework. If you were to ask me to live an evening without my laptop, it would be extremely difficult. While most people say their cell phones are glued to their hands, I think I would rather spend that evening without my blackberry rather than my computer. This got me thinking about how important the internet is in my life, and even though my smart phone is internet accessible, there is nothing like having a 13 inch screen. I believe now that it is not the device itself that is so important in our lives but rather the internet. Maybe for those people with iphone who are addicted to their games, their devices hold a larger place in their lives, but for me it is access to the internet that makes my computerized lifestyle so valuable to me. I think buying an iphone or computerized tablet such as the Nook/ipad would add extra chaos to my life where I would be using multiple devices to contribute to my computerized lifestyle fueling my internet addiction rather than the one laptop computer I’m currently attached to now.

Technology in a night

Last night, I kept track of all of the computerized and technological devices I used. Surprisingly, I didn’t use too many different things. However, I found that I use the same devices for many different reasons. The devices I used were my phone and laptop.

Computer. I used my laptop for many things last night. Most importantly, I was writing a paper that required me to research many different scholarly articles. I used the Wisconsin homepage to access journal databases and Google to search other random facts and articles. Of course, in between all of this, I procrastinated by using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Pinterest. I also subscribed to a free month of Netflix! Also for the paper I was writing, I had to watch a movie and take notes on it and used Microsoft Word to do so. I used my laptop for one reason or another for about 5 hours. When it comes to completing class assignments that require me to use a laptop, this is a pretty typical amount of time for me to spend on my computer in a night.

Phone. I used my phone for several reasons last night. Obviously, I was texting throughout the night up until I went to bed, but I also used it to Tweet a few times, including a Tweet with a picture that I took with my phone last night. I don’t always use my phone to take pictures, so that was a little out of the ordinary, at least for a weeknight. I don’t generally care for the quality of pictures my Blackberry takes.

Overall, last night was a pretty typical night in regards to what devices I used, for what reasons, and for how long. The only out of the ordinary part was taking a picture and tweeting it. While keeping track of all of this, I realized just how dependent I am on technology. There’s never a day that goes by that I’m not somehow connected to either my laptop or phone. I actually wouldn’t mind having one day without these devices that I rely on so heavily – it could be a nice break (maybe…).