Diving into the world of Slow Food.

My practicum assignment is to explore special interest groups and since I am a bit obsessed with good and fair food I am exploring the Slow Food movement in this world wide web! I have joined the Slow Food UW facebook group as well as the page and started getting aquainted with how others are interacting by posting some pictures from my Slow Food UW Cafe lunches as well as posting some information I thought other foodies would enjoy. I tried to follow suit of what the other five hundred some followers have been doing. So far I have started to realize that the Slow Food UW page seems to appear more like a discussion board which is interesting to experience.

I have also started to explore blogs that are about food and in line with the Slow Food movement. I have found that many of the various Slow Food chapters across the U.S. have well developed blogs with recipes, upcoming events and interesting articles. I have subscribed to many of these are started a reader through Google in order to have a central place for the RSS feeds of these blogs.


I am eager to continue my search for other foodies interested in the works of Slow Food and also to try some of the awesome recipes I am coming across, bon appetit!!


My name is Mike Coakley, and I’m a senior here at UW majoring in History (US) and Comm Arts (Radio, Film, TV). Im from Milwaukee, where I worked at a music store called Nova Musik this past summer. I also worked on the weekends doing the lights at 2 clubs in downtown Milwaukee. I transferred to UW my sophomore year and actually spent my freshman year at Columbia College in Chicago for audio arts.

In my spare time I like to mix and make music. I love biking but unfortunately my bike essentially fell apart this past summer and I have not replaced it yet. I spend too much time on the internet and I think that for obvious reasons, knowing how it came to be is important. I once typed an entire lecture of CA351 Lyk3 tH1$.


My name is Bennett Johnston, and I am a senior majoring in Communication Arts – Radio/TV/Film.   I’m from Washington, DC, I recently turned 22, and I love rap music.  I lived in Madison over the summer for a month, but I spent the spring studying abroad.  It’s good to be back.  I use the Internet constantly, so it is very interesting to learn about its history. Go badgers!!!!


Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late introduction… I was added to this class last week off the wait list and am so glad I’m now able to take Com 346! I’ve only heard good things.

My name is Ariel Barron and I’m from downtown Chicago, Illinois. I’m a senior majoring in Communication Arts and I hope to pursue a future career in public relations. I’m also studying to receive my real estate license as a possible career option as well.

I’ve spent the last two summers in Manhattan, New York interning in PR. My first internship was for designer Jennifer Behr and my second for Industry Publicity, a small fashion PR firm in Soho. A lot of what I did for them focused around updating their social media networks, so I’m excited to learn more about the history of the internet and how these networks came to be. I also just spent last semester away from my beloved Madison in Rome with a few of my closest friends.

I watch way too much TV, love to go on long runs, and spend an excessive amount of time online shopping without actually buying anything. One of my favorite foods is fro-yo, as any of my friends could tell you and when I’m not hanging with my 6 or 7 best friends at school, I love to be home with my mom, dad, brother, and dog- Links.

Introduction- Hello!

Hello class! My name is Jessica Seyferth and am a 5th year senior (nothing wrong with going an extra lap!) I am originally am from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where both my parents, brother, uncle and cousins attended… so I am a but of a traitor.  I played tennis the past four years here for the University and now that I am ‘retired’ I am enjoying doing all the things in Madison I have missed out on, including going to the farmer’s market,  going out on week nights and never missing a badger football game!

I am a communication arts major and plan on going into advertising account management or sports administration. I love to travel so when I graduate I hope to visit my twin brother in France, and then travel around Europe a bit before I enter the full time working world.

I am excited to take this class because it is unlike any other class I have taken before. Like everyone else I use the internet everyday and have taken it for granted and never looked at it critically. I know I will learn a lot from this class and do things I have never done before, like this first blog entry ever!

Hello 346!

Hi! My name is Lauren Jaeger and I’m from a Lake Forest, IL.  Unfortunately I’m a senior, which means I only one year left until real life begins. Although I’m eager and excited to move on from being a Communication Arts and Middle Eastern studies major and to chase my dreams, I plan to take full advantage of this year in Madison. I am very adventurous, and I’ve created a bucket list of activities to do, places to see, and restaurants to eat in Madison before I leave.

The most memorable adventure I’ve been apart of in the last few months was studying abroad in the spring in Barcelona, Spain. Saying this might be cliché, but I had the most incredible experiences exploring Europe. I absolutely loved living in a place where the culture was so vibrant and there were always things to do. It was truly an eye opening and unforgettable experience. Other than that, I am a fairly normal person. I spend a lot of time with my friends, reading fashion blogs, and enjoying life.

The internet is a critical part of my everyday life and sadly I panic without it. I love being able to research whatever I want and have so much information at my fingertips. I’m intrigued and excited for the semester ahead!


Hi!  My name is Jessica and I’m a senior majoring in Communication Arts – Communication Science and Rhetorical Studies and receiving a Certificate in Criminal Justice.  I grew up in Blaine, MN, which is a suburb just north of Minneapolis, and come from a family of die-hard Gopher, Viking, and Twins fans.  While I am most certainly a Twins fan,I’ve never been a Gopher or Vikings fan; I am proud to say I cheer only for the Badgers and Packers!  Besides sports, I enjoy relaxing on the Terrace, being with my friends and family, teaching at high school summer dance camps, and soaking in as much sun as I can before the weather gets too cold.  I also have a large bucket list of things to do before I leave Madison.

I am really excited to take this class, because along with everyone else, I use the Internet for just about everything.  I think it will be really interesting to find out how it impacts society and has caused drastic changes in the way our world functions on a day-to-day basis.


Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!.Hi!

My name is Elissa Alster, and I am a senior at the University, majoring in Communication Arts, studying Television, Film, and Media Production. I am from Closter, NJ, a small town just 20 minutes outside New York City. Although the majority of my classes center on Communications, I try to fit in as many art courses as possible. At a young age, I took many art classes, and could not imagine my life without them now. This past summer, I obtained the position as the Art Intern at Teen Vogue Magazine as well as Print Media Inc, in New York City, where I was able to do what I love everyday, art and design. Ever since I graduated high school, I have transitioned my art skills to the computer, so I look forward to learning more about the relation of art with the Internet throughout this course.

            I am a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi, a sorority on campus, and held the Vice President of Recruitment Chair these past two years.  During my free time, I go for runs, continue on art projects, and try to spend as much time as possible with my friends and family. This past semester, I studied in Rome with three best friends and traveled throughout Europe. It was an experience that flew by, but one I will never forget. My goal for this year is to make it go by as slow as possible.


Hi everyone, my name is Michelle Kresch and I’m a junior majoring in Communication Arts.  I’m from Hewlett, New York and I love NYC (I love Madison, too!) I enjoy watching TV, facebook/twitter (obviously), and being with my family.  Being that our generation is one of the last generations that will remember what life was like without the internet and advanced technology, I am looking forward to learning about the social impact of the internet, and what’s in store for the future.

Hi Everyone!

Hi my name is Christy and I am a senior graduating in December majoring Communication Arts. I am from the Twin Cities and spent my first summer in Madison this past summer and loved it. A little about me, my favorite season is the Fall, I love everything about UW-Madison, and live for game days! I am excited to take this class because I spend a lot of time online doing everything from facebook, twitter, reading blog cites, and watching TV shows, ect. I’m looking forward to this class and nice to meet everyoe!