Hi 346 classmates!

Hi Everyone! My name is Alyssa Bernstein and I am a senior majoring in Communication Arts. I am from Bedford, New York – just north of New York City. I love to travel, exercise, eat sushi, and watch reality television. As I’m sure most of you are the same, I am on the Internet for the majority of each day so I am excited to actually learn about the internet and its function in society. This past semester I studied abroad in Prague, which was absolutely amazing! While I miss Europe a lot, it is great to be back in Madison for my final year of college (scary!) Looking forward to a great semester 🙂

Hello CA346!

Hey everyone!

My name is Katherine Thibeau. I’m a senior studying psychology and communication arts. I’m from Edina, MN, just outside of Minneapolis. Currently, I do peer advising and events marketing for the psychology department. I also work as a research assistant for the Wisconsin Twin Project, which studies the development of various psychological disorders across childhood and adolescence.

In my free time, I love to walk around the beautiful lakes of Mpls, do yoga, eat, and spend lots of time with my beloved family and friends. Music is very important to me. Some favorites are Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, Kings of Leon, Jeff Buckley and Daft Punk. Lastly, I love to travel. My favorite places so far include Prague, London and Venice.

I’m looking forward to a good semester with everyone!

Hi All!

I’m Jenny, a senior at UW majoring in English and Communication Arts.  Needless to say, I have a lot of writing to do, but it’s okay, because I absolutely love writing.  I was born and raised in Sheboygan, WI, which is known for having a church on every corner and a bar on every other.  I currently work at Health First Wisconsin, a non-profit organization that works on creating healthier communities throughout the state.  I love to run, write, be with friends, and watch sports (Go Badgers!) in my free time.  I’m excited for this course because I enjoy looking at the ways people communicate online and how people use the internet in different ways.  I’m hoping to find some new websites to check out over the span of this class.  This is my last semester, and then I’ll finish my final three credits in London studying abroad.  I can’t believe it’s almost over, but it’s been a fun ride!


 Hey guys!

My name is Amy, I am a senior at the UW majoring in Communications and applying to the School of Journalism. I grew up in San Francisco but moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin ten years ago and am slowly appreciating winter. When I am not spending my time at one of Madison’s many libraries or quiet cafes I am sampling great food or helping out with the various clubs I am involved in. I love to travel and can’t get enough of my favorite social networks so I am pretty excited for this course!