History of the Internet

Today we don’t even think twice about sending emails, searching the web, tweeting pics, or tagging friends but as explained in “History of The Internet” 50 years ago the Internet was just an idea. Like others in the class I found myself having a hard time following everything that was being said but after watching it again I was able to come to a better understanding. In the video we learn that the launching of Sputnik 1 during the Clod War in 1957 lead to the US creating Defense Advance Research Project Agency.

After years of advancement in computer technology computers got smaller and were more easily manufactured. Similar to what was covered in lecture the video states that TCP/IP guaranteed compatibility between networks and merged them to create the Internet. I found it interesting that countries were able to work together and through network exchange create the Internet. Finally, on February 28 1990 ARPANET hardware was removed and the Internet was up and running. This video mixed a lot of technological terms with some history and after watching it a couple times I feel like I was able to grasp key points and really understand how far the Internet has came over the past 50 years.

Reaction to History of the Internet

This video had a very good way of explaining the main concepts, and especially at showing. The images helped understand both what was happening, and what they were trying to avoid (ex: the scene about decentralization, with blowing up one tower, what that would do to the network, then displaying how they combated that threat). All of this sounded like a good review of what we went over in class.

The one thing that put me off guard though, was the part about IMPs. I am a little confused about the point of the mainframe, if they have another computer that is doing all the work, and controling network activities. Why did they need two different mechanisms for what seemed to be doing what one computer was capable of?

I suppose I’m thinking from the 21st century, with mini computers for phones, but I did have to go back over that portion of the video and try to understand a little more clearly.


History of the Internet

I found this short video to be confusing and boring, especially due to the lack of color on the screen. I felt like a lot of the terminology went over my head. I don’t think I was able to process all of the important events that were outlined to have helped shape the Internet. However, this video did make me realize how much I take the internet for granted, especially since I got an iPhone. I am constantly multitasking and finding information on the internet with ease; the idea of “batch processing” seems incredibly frustrating and time consuming to me. It is amazing how far the internet has come. From the video, I did understand the effect that history had on the formation of the Internet (ex: fear of nuclear bombs). It was fascinating to see that the foundations for our modern internet (scientific, military, and commercial approaches) are the same foundations that helped to create the Internet years ago.

History of the Internet

Today’s lecture made this video a little easier to understand. But, like some other students that posted, I had a little trouble keeping up with all of the terminology. I had no idea that the origins of the internet date back to 1957. Learning about the historiography gives me the impression that at the time, developing the internet resulted in a lot of researchers feeling like they were on the verge of something incredible. Once the distributed network was configured, the rate of developing innovations appeared to have sped up. It’s impressive how this momentum has continued throughout the past five decades; I remember trying to call my friends in elementary school on the land line in my household, but their line was busy because they were surfing the web. Now it is nearly impossible NOT to get a hold of someone. You would have to make a conscious effort – ignoring your text messages, ringing cell phone, Facebook chat windows, Skype session invitations – to escape from the hold that the technology has on us. The progression of the internet has definitely increased our accessibility, and our accessibility to it. Every year, something even better, even faster is on the market –  it’s fairly affordable and reliably entertaining or “cool”. Watching the History of the Internet video made me appreciate the people that made the internet and relevant technology so easily available to me.

History of the Internet

Much like everyone else, I found it a little hard to keep up with the intricate details/descriptions regarding the formation of the internet.  Being that I am so not a science person, I also struggled with the science-y terminology used throughout the clip.  I did, however, find it interesting that this type of technology was initially created in response to international threat.  In an attempt to get the upper-hand on developing technology, the US tried to one-up these other countries, which is amusing because we (the US) are still technologically competitive today.  Its unbelievable that the internet that we know, stemmed from an unrecognizable something that was developed almost 50 years ago.  It is also amazing that something as complex as the internet is taken for granted every day.

History of the Internet

I would have preferred this video to have been a lot more dumbed-down than it probably already was. That being said, I found it especially surprising to see what a high degree politics and the Cold War factored into the seemingly accidental discovery of the internet. Apparently good things can arise from a large amount of fear and suspicion… Another thing I noticed was the huge gap between when the internet was discovered and when we actually decided to put it to use  in the early 90s. I wonder how much further along society would be had we noticed its potential around the time it was truly new. It has probably been one of the top, if not the top, influences on our current population – spurring grandiose technological advances, the development of virtually limitless information, and an overall interconnectedness of the planet. I can’t seem to remember my life without it, though the facts seem to tell me I did at one point, and I certainly can’t imagine my life without it now.

History of the Internet

Overall I agree with the previous posts and I thought that the History of the Internet Video had so many technical terms, which made it confusing at some points.  However, I still found it very interesting how all of the networks merged to form the Internet. In fact, before viewing this video I had imagined that the Internet came to exist much differently, and I was shocked that the process started back in 1957.  It is amazing how far technology and its creators have come, but more importantly how quickly technology is continuing to advance especially now that the net exists on our cell phones and other handheld devices.  The Internet has become a vital part of many individuals everyday lives, and it is safe to say that many people revolve their lives around it.  Once again, although the video was confusing at some points I am glad that I am taking this course because I’m sure we will learn about all of the terms presented in the video and much more about the history of the Internet and how it came to be.

History of the Internet

To think that in just 50 years, what started out as one machine only being able to perform one task at a time is now a device that can run several operations simulateneously, is a phenomenon that did not place as strong of an impact on me until after watching this video. I knew that the computer and the capabilities of the internet had improved to a large extent, but the scientific history, complexity, and obstacles that came in the way did not come to mind as much. This video, although hard to understand at times due to myself never having a great interest in the sciences, made me realize the successes and feat that people have made, in order for the evolution of the internet to occur and result in how it works today.

After reading Alyssa’s response, the immense progression and technological advancement that the internet has made really hit me. I truly remembered typing in my screen name and password, and then waiting for the dial tone, the rings, and the connection, as if I were calling somebody on the phone. And she is certainly corrent about the impatience that many have now when it takes more than a few seconds to get onto a site. I am fascinated by the dynamics that goes beyond what ordinary users of the internet like myself already know and am very interested now in learning more about the complexity that goes into the internet.

History of Internet

I, also, found this explaination of the history of the internet very confusing.  I am not very familiar with any of the terminology.  I do, however, find it interesting that the fast progression of how the internet was developed was motivated by fears of competing countries losing the “technological upper-hand.”  Obviously, technological advancements placed in the wrong hands is dangerous and the internet is a very important tool for controlling such activity.  The main gyst of this video that I believed I understood was the the internet is just a interconnected system of wire and satellites that allows for multiple communications/messages from a single source.  While I do not completely understand the process, I am sure glad that someone else does and perfected it to the system we use everyday for almost every aspect of human activity.

History of the Internet Video Reaction

While I agree with my fellow classmates that this video was a bit confusing, I find it very intriguing how much went into the Internet before the general public even knew it existed. It is so interesting how something that is so readily used today required an extraordinary amount of time and intelligence to create and perfect. We, as consumers, often take for granted how easy our access is to various realms of technology. When I think about my first experiences with the Internet as a child, I remember the dial up tone and the two minute wait just to get onto AOL. Now, frustration grows if we have to wait more than 10 seconds to get onto a website. To think about how much progress was made in just those 10 years of my experience makes me realize the tremendous amount of progress has been made since the advent of the Internet, which was described in this video. While I lack the skills to understand science, I find it so amazing that people are able to think and create these intricate worlds that, to me, seem impossible to produce. I don’t doubt that I will continue to be astonished throughout this course when I learn more about the Internet’s history and the important people who made it what it is today.