Video reaction: history of the internet

First of all, I’m going to agree with Jenny that the video was a bit heavy on the technical terms and information, making it hard to follow at times. Thats not to say that it isn’t important to have an understanding of these technical aspects of the internet’s history. I am struck by just how early the internet started and find it amazing that variations on the same idea of the internet were popping up for years all over the world. This is certainly not the commonly told story of the invention of the internet, but is important to be aware of. It seems that the NPL conceptualized the internet in a way that is most similar to how it is used today: for commercial purposes and accessible to many.  The influence of the Cold War on the internet is impressive as this was the impetus for a decentralized network, a major turning point in the success of the internet. Finally, I would love to be able to actually sit down and use these older forms of the internet…if that were possible it would be much easier to grasp just how these simplified versions of what we know today worked.

History of the Internet Response

While it was difficult at times to follow all of the abbreviations and different technical terms from the video, there were some things that definitely interested me about this video.  I find it fascinating (both in the video, and in the readings we have done so far) that the internet started in different places responding to different situations.  For England, the formation of the internet was to spring commerce, in the US it was a military response to try and accelerate knowledge and technology, and for France the internet was intertwined with scientific studies.  This made me wonder if other countries also had the technological capacity and abilities to work on projects leading to the internet, and if they did, were these other countries also working on things that would ultimately link to the final product (so to speak) of the internet?  We have read a lot of different stories about the creation of the internet, but these are only a few of potentially thousands of different tales.  I wonder, What other stories about the creation of the internet exist?

Reaction to History of the Internet.

The youtube video assigned for us to watch was a very basic way of explaining the history of the internet. It is interesting to see how far the internet has come and how difficult and frustrating it must have been to use it years ago. Today there is wireless almost everywhere we go and as discussed in lecture we are always connected to the internet, not having that privilege is hard to imagine. I may need to make flash cards in order to understand all the different acronyms used when first establishing how the internet functioned and its progression, however this video does a good job of breaking down the history as well as the key players.