Practicum failures along the way

Throughout the project there were a variety of failed attempts within the blogging community. In order to connect with bloggers I started to look at a few of my favorites that I tend to go to when in a cooking pickle. The posts on each site have always been so helpful I haven’t found my self needing to post a question or concern so I instead just said hello. This obviously did not work. Many of the blogs I commented on were well known and I am sure the number of “hello”s they receive is too many to bother with.

After coming to this realization I started to cater to certain blogs that seemed to fall in line with the Slow Food ideals or who expressed themselves are more consciously aware of what they were eating. Here is where I discovered Sprout & Pea.

Mardi Miskit is a former chef who enjoys cooking organic and gluten free. Her blog presents itself in a very earthy and free spirited way that initially allows me to think that she is not stocking her shelves with MSG and the like. I decided to comment on her blog hoping to make a relationship but still to no avail I did not succeed.

The image is one of her posts that came up in my reader that illustrates her knowledge of the Slow Food movement. She promoted the 5$ challenge that Slow Food USA sent out and many other Slow Food chapters took part of.

I continued to search blogs and comment away with only a handle actually making a connection. Another example is Adam Powell’s blog. He is a writer for the A.V. Club Madison section of the Onion and through my Twitter feed we have made a connection. I often tweet about foodie issues or recipes as well as things going in and around Madison. He had picked up on this and responded with a direct message. I am not sure if this was solely due to my Twitter activity or a combination but Twitter wasn’t really an area of focus for my specific practicum project so I hesitate when bringing it up.


The final area of blogs I explored were the blog of Slow Food chapters. These were not crafted in the traditional blog format and seemed to appear more like a website but there were ways to post opinions or contact writers. I did such things and still found no response.



I will and did keep trying to end up with a successful project that will grow beyond the class.


Googling Myself

This post is a little late because I’ve had the flu, but I did Google myself over the past week. I didn’t find myself, but I did find a couple other interesting people with the same name. The first result was another woman’s Facebook profile, who had mostly private information. However she was willing to show the public her interest in Sex and the City, stoolball (?), and walking the dogs. Another Anne Leahy was a freelance writer and sign language interpreter. There is a more famous Anne Leahy that is an ambassador to the Holy See, which I found to be the most interesting. Coincidentally, another Anne Leahy produced a documentary called Peter Jennings Reporting: The Search For Jesus (2000)...which is also ironic since I don’t consider myself religious.

I never did find myself, but I am glad that other women occupy the top searches of my exact name; like most people, I already receive a lot of strangers’ Facebook requests which always weirds me out. I’m content in remaining anonymous to most wandering Google-rs looking for information on the ambassador to the Holy See.


Senator Johnston

The last time I googled myself, there was no information to be found;  my results were skewed toward a long-standing Louisiana senator of the same name.  This time around, I found the exact same thing: millions of hits, but apparently zero about the true Bennett Johnston.  This may not be so bad, potential employers will not be discouraged my compromising pictures etc., and they may think I’m related to the senator.  Thanks google.

Googling myself…

After discussing privacy issues that exist within the internet, I was actually nervous to Google myself. I feared that something would come up about myself that I didn’t want to be public knowledge. When I googled my name, links to “Taylor Brickman’s” Facebook page came up, but none of the “Taylor Brickmans” were infact me. It made me feel better to know that I had set my Facebook privacy settings correctly. After the Facebook pages came a link for my personal twitter page, however, my twitter is set to “private”, meaning that if someone wants to look at my tweets, I need to approve their access to my twitter account. I also found an account I created on I was bored one day in 2002 and added myself as a graduate of my junior high to the site. Further down the google searches, I found myself in a listing as a counselor for my overnight camp.

MAJORITY of the links that pop up in a “Taylor Brickman” google search are not related to me. It was very interesting, however, to discover that there is a company called “Taylor Brickman Limited” in London, although I could not figure out what kind of company it is (I would love to get a t-shirt with that logo on the front). All Facebook and Myspace accounts that popped up were not mine. I am relieved that I am able to have some form of privacy on the internet…

With that being said– I have noticed that people who I do not know on Facebook are able to see and comment on photographs that I upload to Facebook. Recently, my sister got engaged, and so many people have commented on my photos of her engagement night who I do not personally know, which totally creeps me out! I can’t figure out how to stop my pictures from beings available to anyone on Facebook.

The Time I Google Searched Myself and Found…

All of my social media profiles. When I Google searched myself, I was not expecting to find a whole lot of information. My name is apparently somewhat popular – basically every variation of my name was taken on Twitter and Gmail – so I thought that Googling “Jessica Bender” would show search results for other people with my same or similar name. However, to my surprise, all of my social media profiles were in the first ten results (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter).

Also, my high school senior picture was displayed in the middle of the search results page under an image search link. I found that most intriguing, yet worrisome. At first, I thought it was the picture that I uploaded to Facebook my senior year of high school. However, when I clicked on the picture of me, I realized that it went to the website of the company I work for in which that picture is included on the staff page. That eased my anxiety since, at first, I thought that this picture appeared in the image results because I had posted it to social networking sites and worried that other pictures I have posted would appear in the same image search.

To stray from what I found specifically about myself, the first link that appeared was a blog by a woman with the same name as me. I clicked on it and it seemed like an alright blog until I saw some “interesting” pictures on it. Needless to say, it won’t be a blog I follow. Other results that appeared were a Flickr account, a blog, the White Pages directory for “Jessica Bender,” among other things.

Needless to say, I was surprised at how much information about myself I could find just by Googling my name. It’s incredible that the internet has given us this ability to search quite literally anything imaginable and be able to give us the resources we need. This leads directly in to the concerns of privacy on the internet that we have talked about, and it will be interesting to see how privacy (or the lack thereof) on the internet changes over the next several years.

Google Yourself

I haven’t searched for myself on Google in a good while so I didn’t know exactly what I was going to find. Searching “mike coakley” on the web tab of Google gave me two links to the social networking site Linkedin. I do not have an account but apparently 25 other professional Mike Coakley’s do. My Facebook profile link was the next link. The other results were about a few lawyers, a life insurance salesman, and the link that got my most attention was an article that had the tagline “How do you find a casket on short notice? For Mike Coakley, nothing to it.” Obviously I clicked on the article. It was not as morbid as I thought it might be, just a story about a longtime Philadelphia newsman who had recently died. The article recalled some sort of skit he put on at the office to send off a colleague. Definitely not what I was expecting.

The image search does show my Facebook profile picture about the 3rd row down and my uncle (Mike Coakley) is the 2nd image. The video search features a Mike Coakley who is apparently a singer in an Irish band. I have linked his beautiful rendition of Danny Boy. Enjoy:

iGoogle Me

When I Google myself, and think about how future employers may perceive my life to be, I feel they would find a person with multiple personalities. I still find it baffling that there are multiple “Jennifer Staebell”s out there. I have the weirdest last name, and most people can’t even pronounce it right, yet there’s more of me out there, running around.

First, I found my newly created LinkedIn account. I just created it to apply for a job posting, and figure it’s a good resource to be connected to right out of college.

Next up, I found “Jennifer Taverna Staebell”s Facebook account pop up. Mine has serious privacy settings up, so Google never actually shows my account on search results. I like it that way, and it seems that ‘Taverna’ has decided to keep most everything private too – good, at least my future employers won’t see some crazy drug addicted hill billy Mini-Me and think it’s actually me! 🙂 Jennifer (Carson) Staebell also popped up via Facebook. This woman also has privacy settings on most of her content, but not all – such as pages she likes and her profile pictures She has good taste at least, as she is a Dexter fan.

Finally REAL me showed up again with my Twitter account, followed by another link to one of my specific Tweets. I was surprised by that, I wonder what made them actually choose that specific one to single out and link to in Google. All it said was “Tweet Tweet- Twiddley Dee Deet. Rockin’ Robin”, but anyone could have read it as my Twitter account is open to all. My Etsy account also showed up, which surprised me because I don’t actively use it. I created this to start selling my home-made earrings, but realized it costs money to post up products, and decided to wait until after graduation when I get more organized with it.

Other Jennifer Staebells show up. One of which is titled “Mug Shot”. Oh great. A few other seem to be business contact names – as if it was a company website.

Overall, not too much damage. It’s pretty clear these other women are much older than me, so I don’t think I’d be confused with them.

Googlin’ Around

So, as you may know by now we are googling ourselves this week. And that’s what I did…

I am pleased to say not too much about me is out there, or at least surfacing on Google…The first thing that came up for me was two identical links to my Twitter account, just in case you didn’t see the first one or something. This is okay with me. I’m pretty careful not to say or post anything I wouldn’t want employers and what not seeing- I’m not perfect and swear words may work their way into my tweets occasionally. Next you find a link to my Facebook page, where you can see my profile picture and interests, but not my networks.Next were links to, under my name. Someone named Katherine Thibeau, married to an Edward Thibeau comes up on’t believe there is any relation. A few of my profile pictures came up under Google images.

The most interesting thing I found was a couple stories on my Aunt Mary Katherine, who passed away in 2004, and now has a scholarship in her name. It was always nice to remember her. I did find an electronic copy of her Minnesota Education license, with the dates of application and renewal. I was surprised that this was out there, just one click away.

Overall, googling my myself was entertaining, but not surprising. I’m glad my identity is relatively private through a Google search. I think privacy online is important and I wouldn’t want anything like my address or phone number popping up to threaten my safety.

Googling Myself on the Internet

I have not searched myself on Google for quite some time, so I was very interested to see what came up as of recent.  It was funny to me, because the links that appeared were from my college experience, and not so much high school and below like it used to be.  Way back in the day, there were links to community service events that I did, my Bat Mitzvah announcement in the paper, or groups in which I took part in.  Firstly, my Facebook link was at the very top of the page.  This was really interesting to me, because I’m sure in today’s day and age Facebook is so important in our lives that it would come up first.  I also happen to know from past knowledge that Google puts websites that pay the most at the top, which made me wonder if Facebook paid to be first on the search. After that was a link to a high school group I was elected to, and after that was my Twitter account.  This really was eye-opening to me, because it further proves how much social networking is a key factor in everything that we do.  Google is making it known to whoever is searching me that I am in constant communication with people in my life.  The other things that came up was my involvement around campus, and announcements where my name has been included.  Also, class blogs and discussions I contributed to in past years.  After that, was websites I had never even heard about before.  It had my name on “search your friends” websites, indicating that I have accounts made from websites that gather information.  On Images, there were pictures of me from years ago, as well as pictures that were not of me, and had nothing to do with me.  Pictures from newspaper articles, staff pages for my job, and more were on this page. This was interesting to me because I didn’t know so much about myself was accessible on the Internet.

Googling myself!

After googling myself, Lauren Jaeger, I realized that I should probably do something to gain more attention in life in order to have a more memorable legacy because pretty much nothing about me shows up.

The first result is a link to my profile on Linkedin followed by a link to my twitter account. The rest of the results don’t even relate to me. It’s interesting to find out what all the other Lauren Jaegers are doing with their lives. There are more than one links to Twitter accounts as long as links to other social media sites such as Mylife. Google came up with pictures of other Lauren Jaegers dancing, at a wedding, and traveling, but no pictures of me. After browsing through several pages of a Google search, I did not find anything more about myself.

It’s nice to know that there isn’t much information out there about where I live or where I am from at least with this simple of a search. There is currently a small panic about having too much information on yourself available on the internet, so this is reassuring that my personal life is not entirely too public.  If a future employer searches me, it’s comforting that nothing negative comes up about me. There are no legal situations or negative articles in any newspapers to scare away employers. I am a little bit surprised that nothing about my high school accomplishments or my role in a prestigious internship did not come up when I searched myself. Overall, I am satisfied by  the results of my search .