Fuzzy vs. Clear

When examining content on both YouTube and Hulu, I realized the difference. Most of the reasons I use both of these websites is for catching up on television that I miss. I decided to look at clips from ABC’s Dancing With the Stars on both of the websites. On YouTube, I found a bunch of clips from the show that seemed to be videotaping a television screen. The images appear shaky and unclear, making it noticeably obvious that this content was posted by just a random user. After, I searched for the same clip on Hulu and found that the quality was consistently clear. It seems that Hulu tends to get more licensing from particular shows and channels, and can feature content that is exact to what is seen on TV. I think that since anyone can post on YouTube, there tends to be a lot more amateur content than seen on Hulu. I tend to prefer Hulu because I know that I will get a clear and accurate video clip, rather than waste minutes on YouTube searching for a legitimate clip.


Choosing a platform for ‘How I Met Your Mother’

When debating the Hulu vs. YouTube argument of choosing a platform to watch a television show the debate was already decided in my mind, Hulu duh! As this blog post was explained in discussion I wasn’t even fully aware that YouTube was a source to look at when I wanted to catch up on a few of my favorite TV shows. YouTube is concieved in my mind as an aggregation of short videos to give you a quick and dirty study break. When I want to watch TV shows I always go to Hulu or a similar platform. A few reasons I started to pick up on are now more salient to me and explain why I make this automatic decsision.

Hulu is supported by the TV channels that display the episodes on an actual television. This gives Hulu the ability to have a whole season or multiple seasons of a variety of shows. Hulu also limits its offerings of certain television shows that are usually more popular or aired during prime time television viewing. There are brief commercials with Hulu but nothing compared to watching it on an old fashioned television, creating a plethera of benefits. Hulu is stream-able from a variety of devices giving the individual a versatile advantage when choosing to watch TV shows. The creation of Hulu and other outlets similar allow individuals to continue to connect with their favorite characters.

In contrast, YouTube is sourced from individuals who are able to post clips or full videos of things they find interesting. The way I view it there is no real rhyme or reason to the uploads on YouTube. When searching YouTube for a TV episode there are rarely full episodes and instead clips of the most comical or important scenes. I had a hard time finding a full episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ when digging through YouTube. If there were full videos they were often found in a ‘channel’ that needed to be subscribed to. This is an area that I believe is new to YouTube and based off the creation of sites like Hulu.

Personally I am not a fan of watching anything besides a funny clip or searching for a music video on YouTube, however as the platforms evolve my mind may change. I am curious as to if YouTube will gain more regulation and follow strict guidelines presenting it similarly to Hulu?

YouTube vs Hulu

Looking at YouTube vs Hulu I didn’t notice too big of a difference when I searched for a footloose music video haha. I think for me it just comes down what I am used to and feel more comfortable using. Both pretty much brought up the same links when I searched Footloose music videos. I will still probably use Youtube just because its like second nature for when I need to look something up I just always use Youtube. However it was interesting to see and use another search engine other than YouTube

YouTube vs. Hulu

Well, I watch videos pretty regularly on both YouTube and Hulu, so the first thing that came to mind when I knew we would be comparing the video watching experience between the two, was the difference in…How do I say it? Professionalism, Commercialism, Uniformity? Essentially, Hulu is highly regulated in the content that it appears, in how they let you watch videos, how advertisments are experienced. The video quality is excellent. Youtube is a lot more variable in terms of all these things; particiuarly how and if the content is regulated, and the extent to which Youtube controls what is posted and what isn’t.

I watched an episode of Modern Family on Hulu and a video of Florence + The Machine performing “Shake it Out” on X-Factor UK on YouTube. My expectations were met. When I began my episode of Modern Family I was given the option to watch one long extended-form commercial and then watch the episode straight through without interruption, or to proceed with regular “commercial breaks”. I obviously selected the former, muted my hulu for 3 minutes and un-paused my itunes. Had I chosen the latter option, watching Modern Family would have been very much like watching it on a TV, with commercial breaks from big name sponsors. As an interesting note, Hulu also has a bar at the top of the screen asking if the ad is relevant to you. A great example of how the internet hones in on our interests to market more specifically to us. On YouTube, I actually experienced zero advertising before, after, at the bottom of the screen…while watching the performance. I watched my video in peace. After the video, and along the sides, I was simply provided with links to similar videos.

The different video viewing experiences between the two sites I think captures that they are run quite differently; by a large network with lots of regulations, versus more user-based.

Watching TV: YouTube vs. Hulu

To contrast YouTube and Hulu, I attempted to watch an episode of Family Guy.  I visited Hulu first.  The new episode was easy to find, and played with “Limited Commercial Interruption” courtesy of Sprint – meaning an ad played every few minutes. All in all, the quality and convince of Hulu outweighed its commercials.

My YouTube experience was not as positive, I could not find a full version of the episode I wanted, and there were even “fake” ones.  FOX and their lawyers have done a more than decent job at enforcing ownership.  Hulu has fewer videos overall, but if you’re going to sit down and spend a decent amount  of time watching television on the internet, it is by far the better of the two.

YouTube and Hulu!

I chose to compare the song “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls on both YouTube and Hulu.  I don’t normally use Hulu for anything except for TV shows, so I was interested to see what would come up when I searched it.  On YouTube, the song had a bunch of links, only a few of them were actually legitimate links, which featured the music video.  Others were the creations from different individuals, who chose to upload the song with their own pictures as background, or featuring lyrics. I clicked on the original music video, which showed an advertisement before the video actually started. YouTube is known for having advertisements before videos, especially if they are the actual featured music videos.  However, this search engine is a lot easier to use for music, unlike Hulu, which is primarily geared toward TV shows and clips.  When I searched “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls on Hulu, it came up with Goo Goo Dolls Live sessions that were featured on TV, where they maybe were hosted on TV talk shows and then played at the end.  They were mostly from MTV and VH1 shows, where I could watch their band play the song, but not the actual music video.  Both of these websites provide the ability to listen to the song, but it shows up in different forms.  I was able to come to the conclusion that YouTube is better for listening, while Hulu is better for watching.


YouTube vs. Hulu

YouTube and Hulu are both extremely popular websites for viewing clips of television shows, music, movies, and much more.  I personally always use YouTube specifically just for watching music videos.  Since I only watch TV shows on ch131 and realistically would never watch a show on YouTube, I decided to look up the same music video on both YouTube and Hulu for this assignment. The music video I chose to watch was Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” featuring Rihanna and Kid Cudi.  This song immediately showed up as a primary result on YouTube with several different videos listed, all of really good quality.  YouTube tells you how many views the video has, when it was uploaded, who uploaded it, and lastly shows several comments posted by others about the video.


Although these two sites serve a similar purpose, the types of content available have some differences.  When I typed in this same song into Hulu, several other results came up involving Kanye West, but not the video that I was looking for.  Instead all of the results were more TV show based and included clips from television programs and events starring Kanye West.  I started to look around Hulu some more and I have discovered that Hulu is excellent for watching popular television shows and movies, while YouTube is definitely better for shorter clips and music videos.  Since I was already on Hulu I decided to watch a random video just to see the quality differences, and I have to say that Hulu has less annoying advertisements and has an overall better quality than YouTube does.  Hulu also has a place for comments, and overall I would have to say that both of these websites are fantastic for their own unique purposes.  Now that I have discovered Hulu maybe I will start using it to catch up on missed shows instead of ch131!