Wiki Addition- Second Life

For my last post of my practicum project, I added to The Second Life Wikipedia page. This is the first time I have ever added to Wikipedia or a website of this nature. I guess I am taking advantage of participatory culture! The Wikipedia page is very through on Second Life, so I only added a sentence about what Second Life can be classified as.  I said that Second Life can also be categorized as a multi-user virtual world because of the interaction with others in Second Life. I found this from a source online of online definitions.

Here is the link:

Final Practicum Post!

Finally, we’re made it – the end of the Practicum Project! I’ve done a little more playing on WoW, completing more quests and even went up another level. I’m starting to really get the hang of things and look forward to continuing my WoW account after this project. I’ve never considered myself much of a “gamer,” but this experience has truly changed my perception of myself.

I looked at the Wikipedia article on WoW, and noticed that there wasn’t a whole lot to change – these people had the game pretty much down to a “T.” I inserted a little clarification on one of the sentences – a clarification that I pulled from Kyra’s lecture on female gaming. The sentence read: “Reviewers felt that these changes in pacing would make the genre more accessible to casual players,” and after “casual players,” I expanded saying “- those who play for short periods of time.” I know this is subtle,a and for many would not need explaining, but I felt it was a helpful tidbit of information for inexperienced gamers and ultimately adds to the article.

Second Life- It’s Been Fun

Joining Second Life and making an avatar has been a really interesting and new experience. I just wanted to reflect on my experience in one of my last posts before it is all said and done. Although I tried to emerge myself in the Second Life community, make friends (such as Tilma and edduarddo110) and join in conversations, I cannot say that I will stay on Second Life. I am not a huge online gamer or virtual world joiner, but I did enjoy the chance to force myself to try it once. I can see how people enjoy Second Life, but to me I would rather interact with the people I know in my real life, and honestly was very creeped out by some of the things residents said to me! The chat below shows how a normal conversation can turn sexual by a user who obviously is using Second Life for a different reason than me!

New Badges and a lot of Points!

So when l left Vegas this morning there were 28 people checked in to the LAS airport so that is a good number. The more l think about it l think one reason there were not more foursquare users in Vegas is because most people in this city are vacationing and if they don’t use foursquare normally they more than likely not going to use it just because they are in Vegas. I like checking in and taking pictures because my boyfriend can get a sense of the fun l am having while l am away. This trip also earned me two new badges. I checked in to severel places on the strip last night and earned the “cruncked” badge. This morning l decided to check in everywhere…the airport, the security check, the tram that brought me to my gates, the specific gate l was flying out of…and l earned the “overshare” badge. I am currently in Tennessee and l checked into this place and got extra points for it being my first check in in the state of TN. I have also earned extra points at all the places l checked into this weekend for being the first od ny friends to check in.

CAVE @ UW-Madison

Hey guys, this is not for an assignment, but CAVE, the virtual reality-type world Danny mentioned in lecture is at WID.  I think it is open to the public this week.   There’s the link.

Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – UPDATE, Prestige

The war is over, and my roommate has won.  Reaching level 80 first, he “prestiged”, and by our apartment’s definition, beat the game.  I put up a good fight – making it into the 40s, but I was no match.  After “presitging”, one starts at level zero and has to earn all of their weapons again, at least now I maybe able to beat my roommate.

Playing Call of Duty has been a great experience, and the game shows the full potential of online networked gaming.  I interacted with many different gamers from all around the world and across so many different formats of matches.  Thanks for following my research!

Technology all day

I tend to think that I am not as addicted to technology as some since my phone doesn’t have web service, but documenting how much I use technology in a day has me thinking otherwise. I may not be on my phone as much as some but I think that I make up for that with how much time I’m on my computer. I call and text occasionally, and stay somewhat connected on Facebook and Twitter. I love reading the news so I spend a lot of time on my computer searching through the internet. Today I had a few classes and took notes by hand for half of them–although I would have used my computer for all of them had I had enough battery. On my way to class I listened to music on my iPod Touch, which I recently found under a seat cushion at my house over Thanksgiving break.  I also used some of the hardware that I talked about in my remix production practicum.

Realizing how much I depend on technology is kind of baffling considering were still in the early years of the internet. All things considered, I think its kind of unique that this generation has all these advanced gadgets at their fingertips while previous generations could not have imagined it. Stepping back from it all, I’m glad that technology makes things easier for me, but its also kind of strange to consider that we are really living in a time where technology has the ability to placate people and distract them from reality.

Support Groups Update

About a week ago I added to the Support Group Wikipedia page and today I went back to see if what I added was still there and it was not. I’m guessing what I did wrong was add a link that Wikipedia needed to evaluate before they officially add it to their cite. however, i do like the policies they have because otherwise anyone could go messing up pages by adding false information As you can see from this pic there are a number of differnet types of support groups that are listed however, the one that I am focusing on for my project was not (loss of a pet). Even though I tried to add it last week, the formating must have been a little off because what I added was removed 😦 . O well still kind of interesting to try!

Technology used in one night.

When documenting all of the technology I used in one night, I was pretty appalled at how reliant I am on different technological devices.  I’ll start counting from when I finished dinner at around 8:00.  I sat on my couch and turned on the television.  Obviously, I always have my phone on me–I use it for texting, phone calls, games, and a camera.  After a few minutes, I got my computer to check facebook (I could have easily checked it on my phone, but I like looking at the bigger screen on my computer).  While on my computer I logged onto twitter, my aol mail, stumbleupon, etc.  My friend Jen was sitting on the couch with me and was playing a game on her iPad, so naturally I then played a few games on it too.  Before going to bed, I turned on my TV (which I fall sleep to every night), set the alarm on my phone, and plugged my computer into the charger.  Essentially I only used my laptop, my phone, and watched TV–which is what I do nearly every day.

An Evening of Computer Use

I wasn’t sure what all actually constituted as a computer, but my boyfriend said it could actually be many electrical things, so here is my use in one evening.

Cell phone– I texted people throughout the evening.  Sometimes they were two hours away, sometimes they were in the same room as me.  I also talked to a few people on the phone.

Television– I watched the Big 10 Championship (Go Badgers!) and a little bit of the Oxygen channel.

Laptop– I quickly checked my Facebook and e-mail, and then spent a good deal of time reading for a class before the game.

Microwave– I heated up leftovers.  I was surprised by this one, but I guess this is really computerized.  It’s funny, I just always thought of computers as standard screens with keyboards and a modem.

It was really interesting to find out that many electrical things have computers in them.  It makes you think about how vital the computer has been to our every day lives without our awareness of it.  After reflecting on this blog post, I actually think I use laptops/desktop computers less as entertainment and more for school and work.  I don’t know if this is because I’m not as obsessive with Facebook as I used to be, or if schoolwork has gone away from pen and paper and transferred over to the digital realm.  I think it’s both.