Support Groups Update

About a week ago I added to the Support Group Wikipedia page and today I went back to see if what I added was still there and it was not. I’m guessing what I did wrong was add a link that Wikipedia needed to evaluate before they officially add it to their cite. however, i do like the policies they have because otherwise anyone could go messing up pages by adding false information¬†As you can see from this pic there are a number of differnet types of support groups that are listed however, the one that I am focusing on for my project was not (loss of a pet). Even though I tried to add it last week, the formating must have been a little off because what I added was removed ūüė¶ . O well still kind of interesting to try!

Technology used in one night.

When documenting all of the technology I used in one night, I was pretty appalled at how reliant I am on different technological devices.¬† I’ll start counting from when I finished dinner at around 8:00.¬† I sat on my couch and turned on the television.¬† Obviously, I always have my phone on me–I use it for texting, phone calls, games, and a camera.¬† After a few minutes, I got my computer to check facebook (I could have easily checked it on my phone, but I like looking at the bigger screen on my computer).¬† While on my computer I logged onto twitter, my aol mail, stumbleupon, etc.¬† My friend Jen was sitting on the couch with me and was playing a game on her iPad, so naturally I then played a few games on it too.¬† Before going to bed, I turned on my TV (which I fall sleep to every night), set the alarm on my phone, and plugged my computer into the charger.¬† Essentially I only used my laptop, my phone, and watched TV–which is what I do nearly every day.

An Evening of Computer Use

I wasn’t sure what all actually constituted as a computer, but my boyfriend said it could actually be many electrical things, so here is my use in one evening.

Cell phoneРI texted people throughout the evening.  Sometimes they were two hours away, sometimes they were in the same room as me.  I also talked to a few people on the phone.

Television– I watched the Big 10 Championship (Go Badgers!) and a little bit of the Oxygen channel.

Laptop– I quickly checked my Facebook and e-mail, and then spent a good deal of time reading for a class before the game.

Microwave– I heated up leftovers.¬† I was surprised by this one, but I guess this is really computerized.¬† It’s funny, I just always thought of computers as standard screens with keyboards and a modem.

It was really interesting to find out that many electrical things have computers in them.¬† It makes you think about how vital the computer has been to our every day lives without our awareness of it.¬† After reflecting on this blog post, I actually think I use laptops/desktop computers less as entertainment and more for school and work.¬† I don’t know if this is because I’m not as obsessive with Facebook as I used to be, or if schoolwork has gone away from pen and paper and transferred over to the digital realm.¬† I think it’s both.


Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 UPDATE – Post-discussion post

I hope my presentation was interesting for everyone; I really enjoyed doing my research and analyzing it for the class.  Looking over our discussion questions, I felt I should elaborate on one of the topics.

‚Äď Does the online aspect of the game make it more violent? ¬†Would you let your kids play Call of Duty?

The class was somewhat mixed about this question, and there are a few different ideas at work here. ¬†First, the human element that online gaming provides. ¬†Because a player “kills” another player, the violence seems to be realer than most video games, but this quality is very subjective. ¬†Second, the idea of the techno panic. ¬†I had overlooked this argument, and its certainly worth noting. ¬†Often times, gaming is demonized by the media (like the story I brought up in class), and not given a fair turn. ¬†Is that happening here? ¬†Is Call of Duty training snipers or simply improving our dexterity? I’m leaning towards the latter, but the class should continue the discussion.


Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 UPDATE – Discussion Questions

I’m presenting tomorrow, and to start a discussion I wanted to pose a few questions:

— Are online games a legitimate form of social interaction?

— Does the online aspect of the game make it more violent (you’re killing a real person’s avatar)? ¬†Would you let your kids play Call of Duty?

— What’s the future of online gaming?

Practicum: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 UPDATE

Since winter has come along, it has been easy to log hours playing Call of Duty. ¬†The online gameplay is great. ¬†I’ve gotten much better at the game, and two or three times I’ve placed in the top three. ¬†So many of the players are different ages and from different countries, it is very interesting. ¬†I am now a level 25, and I have unlocked a good percentage of the unlockable items. ¬†I find that my favorite online game mode is free-for-fall, the non-cooperative gameplay, it is much faster paced. ¬†The team death match mode requires a lot of patience, and players often hide and shoot with sniper rifles. ¬†I much prefer an assault rifle or sub-machine gun. ¬†My roommate also plays on the PlayStation Network, and we have been able to play in games together. ¬†While we could work together, we end up just trying to kill each other. ¬†Many hours in, I’m still not bored with the gameplay, its all online so it is always different and new.

Remix Production 5

I think that one important thing to point out about remixes is that they come in many forms. I was considering the “everything is a remix” idea and I think that it is true to a large extent. Youtube and Vimeo are full of thousands of remixes, whether they be photos someone posted with their favorite songs, DJ remixes, fan art, or mashups. Watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report, you can see how often photoshopped pictures of cultural icons are used to accompany the punchlines. I think this speaks to the fact that remixes are made for many different reasons.

The Constitution originally called for copyrights to promote the progress of science and the useful arts. It offered a 14 year period of copyright and an optional renewal. Todays copyright laws are a term of death + 50 years for natural authors. I think that this is hardly conducive to promoting progress with these kind of term extensions. The rise of digital technology and the ability to share media so easily has undermined the effort of strict copyright laws and has demonstrated that there are significant upsides to the free-flow of ideas and free expression. However, there is a balance that must be achieved between allowing free expression and outright piracy. Current laws treat users the same and do not do a good enough job to distinguish between the two.