Hulu vs. YouTube Participation 6

First, I watched the new internet sensation Jimmy Kimmel’s “I ate all your Halloween Candy” on youtube.  Aside from the obvious amateur footage there were a few other differences from that of the Hulu clip I watched.  Instead of an opening advertisement, the youtube clip contained a small ‘ads by google’ box advertising a Military Razor.  The box was small enough that it didn’t really bother me or distract from the video content.  At the upper right corner of the ad there was a small box where you could ‘x’ out of the ad and it would disappear entirely.  Because the video was uploaded by an ordinary citizen and not a entertainment company there really weren’t any copyright infringements that I could notice accompanying the video.

I watched a movie trailer called “Goon” on hulu.  Prior to the trailer, their was a breif ad that anounced “the following trailer is brought to you by Charity Water.  The ad was not avoidable, but it was brief and didn’t really bother me too much.  On Hulu only official content like movies, tv shows and trailers are available.   On Hulu I didn’t notice many copyright laws or warnings either.