An analysis on Copyrighting

I have always been aware of copyrighting laws but before this class have never really understood the process and extent that they cover. I think personally that they are a well established system in order to protect the author. If I were a contributer to information available I would want my specific work to be protected and associated with my. However with the channels changing for ways of disseminating information it is understandable that a new approach is needed. I do not feel that the way copyrighting has been established can be replicated online. I think that there needs to be different terms and conditions for online information. My knowledge of specific ideas is limited but feel as though a virtual copyright that follows the original text is necessary. As a consumer on the internet I have noticed that some works are highly protected while others are not. Is there a way to streamline these in order to have all works interacted with consistent?

I think the most important area of copyrighting is within the area of research. This is ground breaking material that an individual has usually spent their life reading, testing and perfecting. It would be interesting to explore the extent of material taken from research that was not properly copy-written and how this has maybe increased or decreased since the transition to online material.

Finally, I am a bit more critical as well as intrigued by the detail that goes into a copyright, what guidelines are followed and what material is copy-written. It is also interested to try and predict how these areas will expand in the future.