practicum post 4- support groups

I spent yesterday further utilizing and discovering all of the various tools and characteristics of the Daily Strength support group website.  While my focus has been on participating in an alcoholism support group chat, there are literally hundreds of other support group topics available on the site.  They range from depression in children, ebola, acne, and how to cope with divorce.    I clicked on a few of the topic choices and was suprised to see that even some of the least popular topics such as “tooth grinding” still had many active blog/chat participants.  The support group website truly does provide a platform for discussions of any controversial topic.

Other characteristics of the support group website include building your own profile.  You can upload pictures of yourself to share with the other participants.  In addition, you can share daily journal entries and control who has access to them.  Also, you can update your current moods or “hug” other members. ” Hugs” are the equivalent of facebook “pokes’ and are just used as a way to console others and show that you are there for supporting them.

Lastly, there is a link on the support group website that allows members to ask health related questions to experts on the topic.  You can ask questions anonymously and they are answered in the timely manner.  It is similiar to a webmd but it’s more formatted towards participants of the suppot group.