I’ll admit, I’ve Googled myself before as I’m sure many have. I typed in my name and the first three auto suggestions Google provided were : Jessica Seyferth, Jessica Seyferth tennis and Jessica Seyferth Facebook. I clicked on my name and it said 131,000 results were pulled. The first link was to my player profile on UWbadgers.com, following that other result links were newspaper articles on tennis at the University and my hometown and then other tennis links. I figured this would come up, and I noticed my LinkedIn account showed up as well. I am fine with that because I want people to be able to find me online and contact me if necessary. I also looked at images and saw most of the pictures of me were from UWBadgers.com but was really surprised to find some of my Facebook photos up there! I am not sure how that happened, but kind of creepy. It is amazing what you can find out about a person by the use of Google…I’ve definitely Googled other people to find things out!

Googlen’ myself

While googling myself I came up with several interesting results.  I tried to google both “Nick” and “Nicholas”  Johns and it lead  me to over 40 linkedin profiles with my same name and from all over the world.  Locations varied form United Kingdom to the greater Pittsburgh area.  The google search also lead to many facebook profiles, including mine.  The search didn’t just bring up “nick johns” results, instead, it brought any combination of a name that included nick, nicholas, johns, or john. 

In addition to linkedin and facebook accounts, it brought up a a news article about a Nick Johns in Minnesota who died in a cliff jumping incident.  It was creepy to read the article and watch the news telecast reporting the death of Nick Johns and seeing the name printed on photographs of the deceased.

There was also a link to REVERBNATION with a musician named Nick Johns’s profile.  The profile had links you could click on to hear his music and look up his tour dates.  I always knew my name was common and  “googling” it confirmed this.