The Time I Google Searched Myself and Found…

All of my social media profiles. When I Google searched myself, I was not expecting to find a whole lot of information. My name is apparently somewhat popular – basically every variation of my name was taken on Twitter and Gmail – so I thought that Googling “Jessica Bender” would show search results for other people with my same or similar name. However, to my surprise, all of my social media profiles were in the first ten results (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter).

Also, my high school senior picture was displayed in the middle of the search results page under an image search link. I found that most intriguing, yet worrisome. At first, I thought it was the picture that I uploaded to Facebook my senior year of high school. However, when I clicked on the picture of me, I realized that it went to the website of the company I work for in which that picture is included on the staff page. That eased my anxiety since, at first, I thought that this picture appeared in the image results because I had posted it to social networking sites and worried that other pictures I have posted would appear in the same image search.

To stray from what I found specifically about myself, the first link that appeared was a blog by a woman with the same name as me. I clicked on it and it seemed like an alright blog until I saw some “interesting” pictures on it. Needless to say, it won’t be a blog I follow. Other results that appeared were a Flickr account, a blog, the White Pages directory for “Jessica Bender,” among other things.

Needless to say, I was surprised at how much information about myself I could find just by Googling my name. It’s incredible that the internet has given us this ability to search quite literally anything imaginable and be able to give us the resources we need. This leads directly in to the concerns of privacy on the internet that we have talked about, and it will be interesting to see how privacy (or the lack thereof) on the internet changes over the next several years.