Great Find: LinkedIn iPhone App! Practicum Post # 6

My original plan was to post my Wikipedia addition as my sixth practicum post but I have decided to save it for last as I continue learning new things about my practicum social network sites everyday.  I have already explained the specific purposes that I use LinkedIn, Google + and MySpace for and I have dedicated at least one blog post to each of them.  I have also made it clear that out of the three I use LinkedIn the most.

With that being said I found an awesome iPhone app for LinkedIn!  This app is so useful especially when I am on the go.  The home screen of the app is divided into four different sections, one consists of updates, another is for my personal profile, one is my notifications inbox, and the last one is all of my groups.  I can easily access all of these different sections with my phone and I can accept new connections as well as read new messages within seconds wherever I am.  I previously used this app to update my profile a few days ago and it was easier to use on my phone than on an actual computer.


Other than following big groups and companies for updates I have also requested permission to join specific groups.  I have been accepted to a bunch and my favorite one that I have gained access to so far is BuckyNetworking.  All of these groups provide constant updates and email messages to inform members of latest news and professional opportunities and the site makes it easy to stay involved without making much effort.

As for my other two social network sites not much has changed that is out of the ordinary.  I have continued to use MySpace for music, news and videos, and I continue to use Google+ similarly to Facebook to form social connections, read status updates and chat with friends through Gmail.  My next and final practicum post will be to Wikipedia and hopefully I will be able to add something new that involves aspects of all three of my chosen social network sites!

iGoogle Me

When I Google myself, and think about how future employers may perceive my life to be, I feel they would find a person with multiple personalities. I still find it baffling that there are multiple “Jennifer Staebell”s out there. I have the weirdest last name, and most people can’t even pronounce it right, yet there’s more of me out there, running around.

First, I found my newly created LinkedIn account. I just created it to apply for a job posting, and figure it’s a good resource to be connected to right out of college.

Next up, I found “Jennifer Taverna Staebell”s Facebook account pop up. Mine has serious privacy settings up, so Google never actually shows my account on search results. I like it that way, and it seems that ‘Taverna’ has decided to keep most everything private too – good, at least my future employers won’t see some crazy drug addicted hill billy Mini-Me and think it’s actually me! 🙂 Jennifer (Carson) Staebell also popped up via Facebook. This woman also has privacy settings on most of her content, but not all – such as pages she likes and her profile pictures She has good taste at least, as she is a Dexter fan.

Finally REAL me showed up again with my Twitter account, followed by another link to one of my specific Tweets. I was surprised by that, I wonder what made them actually choose that specific one to single out and link to in Google. All it said was “Tweet Tweet- Twiddley Dee Deet. Rockin’ Robin”, but anyone could have read it as my Twitter account is open to all. My Etsy account also showed up, which surprised me because I don’t actively use it. I created this to start selling my home-made earrings, but realized it costs money to post up products, and decided to wait until after graduation when I get more organized with it.

Other Jennifer Staebells show up. One of which is titled “Mug Shot”. Oh great. A few other seem to be business contact names – as if it was a company website.

Overall, not too much damage. It’s pretty clear these other women are much older than me, so I don’t think I’d be confused with them.

Google knows a lot about me!

Hmmm….Well let’s attempt to write this post for the 4th time. I tried to add a screen shot of my google results but it resulted in a blank post. I tried it again with the screen shot as the last thing I pasted in and that did not work…and I won’t even mention the other issues I have had. Anyway….on the the important stuff!

When my boyfriend and I first started dating he googled me. We use google to gain new information about things we are curious about, right? It is a great tool, but I was surprised at how much information about me was available and how accurate it was.

I googled “Ashley Glowinski” and the top three results had nothing to do with me. The first one was a LinkedIn profile, the second a facebook page that was not mine, and the third was a link to a portfolio of some Ashley Glowinski in NJ. The fourth and fifth results did have to do with me, however. The fourth was a link to an article I had written for the Daily Cardinal and the fifth result was a link to the scholarships I had received my senior year at the high school I attended. I thought that this was positive info that I would welcome future job employers to find. As I clicked through the next pages I found links about the cheerleading organization I was a part of the past three years and a link to the tweet I had made about how amazing Danny always looks.There was also a link called “I love Ashley Glowinski” and it said “My Favorite things about Ashley. She is Beautiful; She is the Smartest; She is Incredibly Funny.” This all seemed incredible accurate so I assume one of my admirers posted it. Laugh Out Loud! Just Kidding!!

There were a few links I found that were a little scary. There was one called that accurately listed all the cities I have lived in and another site that knew my parents names. This is nothing too terrible, many people have information like that listed on their facebook pages. I guess I was just overwhelmed at how much information was available about me even though I found most of it to be positive.

I also did an image search for “Ashley Glowinski” and I saw a lot of pictures of that NJ Ashley but there were also many pictures of me from my old myspace page and some recent ones from facebook. I had loaded those pictures thinking only friends would see them and now here they are on google available for almost anyone to see. There were also images from the Daily Cardinal articles I had written and pictures from my cheer squad. The best picture that came up was the one of Danny eating an invisible sandwich. Did anyone else get that on their image results? I thought it was awesome!

Overall I do not think there is any bad information about me on google, just a surprisingly wide variety of my activities. Someone who looks at this could paint a fairly accurate picture of my life. There may be confusion with the other Ashley Glowinskis though so someone searching for me may think that their information is mine, and vice versa. The amount of information available in the internet is interesting.





Go Ahead and Google Me!

When I went to Google myself, I was surprised to find there was nothing interesting that I could find about myself (can’t figure out if that is a good or bad thing). The only thing I could find when I Googled my name was a page that linked back to my LinkedIn page – No Fun! I actually do remember though a few years ago I did Google myself when I heard that potential jobs could search for me. I saw that there were pictures from high school my friend had posted on Snapfish or one of those picture sites, and I made sure to have her take those down. It is kind of scary that there can be some bad things out there (pictures, stories, etc) that anyone can access. My dad always told me that the internet is “ink” and could never be erased. I feel comfortable that there is nothing out there on the internet that could be incriminating in my job search…so far.

Googling Myself

When I searched for “Jenny Weeden” on Google, the first thing that came up was my Facebook page…big surprise.  The next couple of results were other different social networking sites that I had never heard of before with a user named Jenny Weeden.  A couple other results were yellowpages type sites that found people with my name in Mississippi and the US.  There was a link to a site with a press release kind of thing that was talking about a girl from the military with my name.  The next link was to a blog site (The Hospital Word Press) that has a short story I’ve written on it, and after that, a press release from when I was a senior in high school about a scholarship I received.  The final two links were college related- one from a social network called campus buddy that I forgot I even had an account on, and another social network type site that I know for a fact I haven’t signed up for, and has information about me that I wasn’t even aware I had shared.

I was really surprised I actually showed up on the Google search, but even more surprised that the final site on the first page of search results has information about my college extra-curricular and other things that I just generally don’t talk about that much.  It really creeps me out that this profile exists and I will definitely be doing some research to make sure that my identity is not being compromised.

Google Results!

When I looked myself up on Google, several search results appeared.  Surprisingly, the first result that showed up was my very own Google+ profile account.  I’m not sure if this is the first link that showed up because I have been using this site so much for my practicum project, or if it just showed up by coincidence.  The next search result that appears is of another Melissa Cooper who is a forensic police sketch artist in Los Angeles.  This is followed by the next search result of a Melissa J. Cooper who is a sculptor with a link to her website.

Next there is an actress named Melissa Cooper on IMDb, followed by an account of another Melissa Cooper on LinkedIn, who is much older than me and actually went to my high school, which I found this to be a funny coincidence.  There are so many other endless results with my same exact name linking other Melissa Cooper’s to websites, and social networks such as twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.  However, I am glad that I at least came up in one of the search results!

Getting Linked on LinkedIn!

I have made more progress on my social networking sites since my presentation and I am glad to finally be able to say that I am over 100 connections on LinkedIn! 109 connections to be exact. I have also started to follow a lot of businesses as well.  I constantly get requests and several updates on who I should follow as well as requests from people in the public relations field.

I have stopped focusing on adding friends as much and have been following companies in the career field that I would like to travel towards.  I have added a bunch of big networks such as NBC, CBS, Fox and others because I would love to work in the entertainment industry.  Staying up to date with the latest news about all of these corporations is interesting and important and LinkedIn makes it easy to do so.  I have been finding LinkedIn to be extremely useful especially because the site suggests companies and networks for me to follow according to my interests.  I will continue to go on everyday and keep making important additions to my profile.


My progress on Google+ and MySpace has been pretty stable and not many interesting things have happened on these sites.  On Google+, I keep adding more people to my circles and I have been getting more friend requests and have updated my profile.  I have also continued to make steady progress on MySpace, and have continued to follow more of my favorite music groups.  One thing that I have noted is that the more music groups I follow, the more I end up getting creepy friend requests.  At first I figured that maybe I should accept these people just so that I could look at their profiles and see how I can enhance my own profile.  But I ended up deleting these new additions, and have not accepted any new friend requests that seem strange just for safety reasons.