Media Fandom

I signed up to be a part of to participate in the forums. My name 2TouchADalek, my Avatar photo of the 4th Doctor, and my signature quote of Captain Jack Harkness will all hopefully help me integrate into the community without much pushback.

The first thread I responded to was third on the list, asking if there were any new Dr. Who fans out there chatting. I responded, although this thread was already over 100 pages long, and over 4,000 responses. Now just waiting for responses! If I don’t get any bites, I’ll have to try again tomorrow night!


I looked at other threads, and many of them do not seem linked to Dr. Who at all – just general topic discussions. The people commenting appear to have background history with the other chatters. I’m betting they all know each other through using this site regularly, and don’t feel a need to talk about the proposed TV series any longer unless something exciting happens in the series.

I was pleasantly surprised when one thread I clicked had “Spoiler Alert”  signs right away. I took a screen shot 🙂