Googling Myself on the Internet

I have not searched myself on Google for quite some time, so I was very interested to see what came up as of recent.  It was funny to me, because the links that appeared were from my college experience, and not so much high school and below like it used to be.  Way back in the day, there were links to community service events that I did, my Bat Mitzvah announcement in the paper, or groups in which I took part in.  Firstly, my Facebook link was at the very top of the page.  This was really interesting to me, because I’m sure in today’s day and age Facebook is so important in our lives that it would come up first.  I also happen to know from past knowledge that Google puts websites that pay the most at the top, which made me wonder if Facebook paid to be first on the search. After that was a link to a high school group I was elected to, and after that was my Twitter account.  This really was eye-opening to me, because it further proves how much social networking is a key factor in everything that we do.  Google is making it known to whoever is searching me that I am in constant communication with people in my life.  The other things that came up was my involvement around campus, and announcements where my name has been included.  Also, class blogs and discussions I contributed to in past years.  After that, was websites I had never even heard about before.  It had my name on “search your friends” websites, indicating that I have accounts made from websites that gather information.  On Images, there were pictures of me from years ago, as well as pictures that were not of me, and had nothing to do with me.  Pictures from newspaper articles, staff pages for my job, and more were on this page. This was interesting to me because I didn’t know so much about myself was accessible on the Internet.

Googling Myself

Well, today I searched myself on Google and was happy to find that the first link was my Linkdin Account. If any professionals google search my name, it is relieving to know that they can just click on the first link on Google to see my profile and resume on Linkdin. The second link was twitter and the following links were links to artworks that I have posted on a blog I created during the summer to upload my artwork for a graphic design class I took. Although I was happy to see that my work was being broadcasted, I am not satisfied about some of the art pieces that I did this past summer, so now that I know that the whole world can see them, I will be making that blog private. I also found my personal homepage website to be the 9th link on Google. I am hoping that with an increase in networking with others, my homepage will  move up to be the in the top 5 links of mine. I feel that many individuals who are searching for somebody quickly, won’t look further than the first few links of Google if they’re trying to find something quick. As for other links regarding my name,  it was interesting to see others that have the same last name as myself. Page 2 had a few random links, such as one to the “Alster Hotel,” located in Hamburg, Germany, and a few links to other people with the last name of Alster from all over Europe. Through the internet, I can find so many people with the same last name from all over the world, which creates this new  familiarity and commonality for me with others I’d never knew I find a commonality with!

Googling myself–not the real me.

I have to say I have definitely googled myself before.  I have actually googled my entire family.  I’m not quite sure what compelled me to do this, but I did and I happen to find it really interesting.  Well, I find it interesting what comes up for the rest of my family–not so much for me.

When you google “Michelle Kresch” the first thing that comes up is a “mylife” profile, for someone who is not me.  This other Michelle Kresch is 39, and from Austin, Texas.  The following thing is another “mylife” profile of another Michelle Kresch who is not me.  This Michelle is 43 from Glen Saint Mary, Florida.

After these two Michelle Kresch’s on google, the real me starts to pop up.  The first thing is my Google+ profile.  This is unsurprising because I am obviously Googling myself–so Google+ would be high up on the list.  The following is an article written about my friend and I starting our own baking business in a local newspaper from my hometown.  Then follows my Twitter page, and after that a lot of not-me links pop up again.

Maybe these other Michelle Kresch’s “mylife” profiles are higher up on the Google search because google is trying to promote the site.  I am fairly satisfied with what comes up on Google about me–nothing to embarrassing is a good thing!

Did you mean: ariel baron?

So today I Googled myself. The second I pressed enter after typing in Ariel Barron, Google asked me if I meant Ariel Baron instead of Barron. Apparently Ariel Baron and Ariel Barron-Robbins are more popular google names than my own, as Ariel Baron-Robbins is a freelance artist with artwork all over the web. The first few site results consisted of my own social media/ microblogging site links: Ariel Barron | Facebook, Ariel Barron | LinkedIn, Ariel Barron (@ArielJordyn) on Twitter.

I was not surprised to find that the only websites google had on me and my actual real name are the sites that I most typically use. I was surprised however that there are not more Ariel Barron links to facebook, twitter, and linkedin besides my own! I would think there are more popular people out there with my name who use those forms of social media. I also found myself on a link to my middle school, BZAEDS, even though I’ve never created an account for that site before. Similarly had some link to my account with them that was not accessible without password thankfully. After moving to the second page, my name became more further and further from my own. There were articles on people such as Elissa Barron or Antonio Ariel-Baron and so on. Someone with my same name is even a Track and Field champion in Salem, Oregon in 2009 and those kinds of results went on for pages with the articles on people with my  name who are obviously not me.

However, the assignment did not specify whether the google search should be limited to the web, so I decided to take the research further and click on the other google options such as images, videos, maps, news… and found nothing on myself. Only links to people with some version of my name that have done much more interesting things than myself. I’m most happy that there is nothing out there on the web that could hurt me if I were to be googled by a future employer.


I’ll admit, I’ve Googled myself before as I’m sure many have. I typed in my name and the first three auto suggestions Google provided were : Jessica Seyferth, Jessica Seyferth tennis and Jessica Seyferth Facebook. I clicked on my name and it said 131,000 results were pulled. The first link was to my player profile on, following that other result links were newspaper articles on tennis at the University and my hometown and then other tennis links. I figured this would come up, and I noticed my LinkedIn account showed up as well. I am fine with that because I want people to be able to find me online and contact me if necessary. I also looked at images and saw most of the pictures of me were from but was really surprised to find some of my Facebook photos up there! I am not sure how that happened, but kind of creepy. It is amazing what you can find out about a person by the use of Google…I’ve definitely Googled other people to find things out!

Googlen’ myself

While googling myself I came up with several interesting results.  I tried to google both “Nick” and “Nicholas”  Johns and it lead  me to over 40 linkedin profiles with my same name and from all over the world.  Locations varied form United Kingdom to the greater Pittsburgh area.  The google search also lead to many facebook profiles, including mine.  The search didn’t just bring up “nick johns” results, instead, it brought any combination of a name that included nick, nicholas, johns, or john. 

In addition to linkedin and facebook accounts, it brought up a a news article about a Nick Johns in Minnesota who died in a cliff jumping incident.  It was creepy to read the article and watch the news telecast reporting the death of Nick Johns and seeing the name printed on photographs of the deceased.

There was also a link to REVERBNATION with a musician named Nick Johns’s profile.  The profile had links you could click on to hear his music and look up his tour dates.  I always knew my name was common and  “googling” it confirmed this.