Switching over to Hulu

Before this blog assignment, I had never used Hulu before. I hardly ever watch TV because I always miss the showtimes in regular television. After exploring Hulu, I see how easy it is for users to watch shows that he/she may miss during airtime on regular television. Also, after exploring the site, I realized how much I have been missing out on! Youtube is a site that I have gone on to watch music video clips with friends or funny videos that people have posted, but as far as watching a television show, I would never use YouTube because I think the quality is horrible. Additionally, this is also why I have not been so quick to trying a site like Hulu to watch TV. So, a few nights ago, the American Music Awards were on, and I missed them! That is the one awards show I look forward to watching, and plus, one of my favorite singers Justin Beiber performed!(I am not embarrassed to say that). Although I was very upset about this, I decided to go on Hulu and watch the clip of Justin Beiber’s performance of his song Mistletoe. The only issue was that I couldn’t find it. The only results were Justin’s Beiber’s music video Mistletoe so I watched that instead. The quality was perfect and watching his music video was great, but I was surprised that Hulu did not have it, and I wrote “Justin Beiber Mistletoe American Music Awards 2011” in the search box. Afterwards, I checked the clip out of YouTube. The quality was not nearly as good as Hulu and the overall design of the website is just less attractive. Overall, with the advertisment display before the clip on Hulu and the overall quality, Hulu seems to be more professional. Not only can not just anybody post clips of Music Videos, but with Hulu, I actually felt like I was watching tv. Watching the video on YouTube, it seemed as if any videographer taped the Justin Beiber video and posted it. Additionally, there’s an area on YouTube for comments, which lowers the professional level of the site as well. Thus, I will definitely be watching any future music videos on Hulu!

Hulu vs. Youtube

For my Hulu/Youtube comparison, I decided to watch a clip from SNL when Jason Segel was the host.  Going into it I assumed that Hulu would be better quality than Youtube, just based on previous experience.  I was proven correct. Youtube is definitely less sophisticated than Hulu.  Youtube is a great way for an average person to put whatever they want on the internet.  There are many original video clips, but there are also parodies of different things, re-makes/re-mixes, music videos, etc.  Youtube will also have various clips of TV shows, but in the SNL skit that I watched, the video was very blurry and it was clearly a video of a camera filming a television.  Hulu is a much better way to watch your TV shows; it allows viewers to watch videos on their computers on their own time.  However, the advertisements can get a little annoying.  There is one ad before the video and one after.  There are no advertisements like this on Youtube, however, I guess the ads are the price you have to pay in order to receive a better quality clip.

YouTube vs. Hulu

Since Hulu specializes in TV shows, movies, and trailers, I thought the best video to observe on YouTube was a TV show similar to the ones you would typically find on Hulu. I decided to watch an episode of America’s Next Top Model that had been streamed to YouTube by an average user and an episode  of the same show uploaded on Hulu. Because YouTube is known as the “broadcast yourself” website, the videos uploaded on the site are most often not professionally done whereas the same video on Hulu is of crystal clear quality. A perk of having watched the show on YouTube is that there are no advertisements to watch in between 15 minute segments. A nice feature about using Hulu however was that all of the episodes were lined up in a row chronologically so when I finish one episode, the next automatically pops up on the bottom whereas YouTube would make you search for the next episode, assuming the next one was somewhere on the site. While most episodes were viewable for free through the site, there were a few popular ones that were only watchable by Hulu Plus, a feature of the site accessible via a subscription and monthly charge. This allows you to view the most popular episodes– free of commercials. Although I prefer Hulu to YouTube when it comes to watching my favorite TV shows, with Comcast digital cable and all of the OnDemand features today, there is no need for the online world of television unless I am away from my home TV. YouTube also has almost everything I could ever be looking for, whether it be funny videos uploaded by normal people, to official TV shows illegally streamed online whereas Hulu feels very official. Hulu seems to be more of an online version of my television rather than a video based site for everyone to contribute to.

While YouTube is almost always commercial free,  Hulu has high quality, full length episodes of every show whereas YouTube is more user based and collaborative, where small clips from each episode can more easily be found than full length episodes.

YouTube and Hulu!

I chose to compare the song “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls on both YouTube and Hulu.  I don’t normally use Hulu for anything except for TV shows, so I was interested to see what would come up when I searched it.  On YouTube, the song had a bunch of links, only a few of them were actually legitimate links, which featured the music video.  Others were the creations from different individuals, who chose to upload the song with their own pictures as background, or featuring lyrics. I clicked on the original music video, which showed an advertisement before the video actually started. YouTube is known for having advertisements before videos, especially if they are the actual featured music videos.  However, this search engine is a lot easier to use for music, unlike Hulu, which is primarily geared toward TV shows and clips.  When I searched “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls on Hulu, it came up with Goo Goo Dolls Live sessions that were featured on TV, where they maybe were hosted on TV talk shows and then played at the end.  They were mostly from MTV and VH1 shows, where I could watch their band play the song, but not the actual music video.  Both of these websites provide the ability to listen to the song, but it shows up in different forms.  I was able to come to the conclusion that YouTube is better for listening, while Hulu is better for watching.