It’s a Computerized Life

Besides the electronics I used every day such as my cell phone and computer, I was surprised to find that I don’t really use many computerized things other than my laptop. However, my laptop is almost never closed! I use it in class, outside of class, at the library, in my room, and because I’m using so often, the only times I’ve ever needed to close the screen is when I am transporting it in my bag to another place. I don’t have an ipad or kindle/nook, just a computer and cell phone. And while that seems fairly technologically simple these days, I find that I am on my computer for almost everything. Because I have a blackberry instead of an iphone, I don’t use it for anything other than contacting my friends through text/BBM… if I had the iphone I’m sure I would use it as often as my computer depending on where I was. My computer was used for Facebook/all school related things/skype/music/and online shopping. I’ve found that I’m an online, surfing shopaholic. I spend a lot of my free time when just talking to friends on different sites just looking but never buying. Even when I’m using other electronics such as my TV, I’m on my computer simultaneously online shopping or facebooking when I’m not doing my homework. If you were to ask me to live an evening without my laptop, it would be extremely difficult. While most people say their cell phones are glued to their hands, I think I would rather spend that evening without my blackberry rather than my computer. This got me thinking about how important the internet is in my life, and even though my smart phone is internet accessible, there is nothing like having a 13 inch screen. I believe now that it is not the device itself that is so important in our lives but rather the internet. Maybe for those people with iphone who are addicted to their games, their devices hold a larger place in their lives, but for me it is access to the internet that makes my computerized lifestyle so valuable to me. I think buying an iphone or computerized tablet such as the Nook/ipad would add extra chaos to my life where I would be using multiple devices to contribute to my computerized lifestyle fueling my internet addiction rather than the one laptop computer I’m currently attached to now.

Technology used in one night.

When documenting all of the technology I used in one night, I was pretty appalled at how reliant I am on different technological devices.  I’ll start counting from when I finished dinner at around 8:00.  I sat on my couch and turned on the television.  Obviously, I always have my phone on me–I use it for texting, phone calls, games, and a camera.  After a few minutes, I got my computer to check facebook (I could have easily checked it on my phone, but I like looking at the bigger screen on my computer).  While on my computer I logged onto twitter, my aol mail, stumbleupon, etc.  My friend Jen was sitting on the couch with me and was playing a game on her iPad, so naturally I then played a few games on it too.  Before going to bed, I turned on my TV (which I fall sleep to every night), set the alarm on my phone, and plugged my computer into the charger.  Essentially I only used my laptop, my phone, and watched TV–which is what I do nearly every day.

My Recordings of Computerized Items

Tonight, the two obvious computerized items that I used were the computer and my cell phone. I not only used my cell phone to call my mom, text my friends, and make a to-do list for the week, but I also used it to set my alarm for tomorrow morning. In using my computer, I wrote this blog post and checked Facebook and my email accounts for updates. Tonight, my roommates and I made chicken so we defrosted it using the microwave’s poultry defrost button. Once you press this button, the microwave automatically sets the timer to defrost the chicken for a certain amount of time. We also used the “automatic popcorn” button to pop the popcorn for the specified time.  We used the heat, which is set to reach a certain temperature, automatically and we watched a movie that our DVR program recorded last week. So, after thinking back on how many computerized devices I used in one night, I realized how dependable we are on these devices and really started thinking about how life was when we did not have all of these items of convenience. It is interesting to think about the fact that we use these devices every single day and not too long ago when our parents were young, they have non of these items! Well, they did have heat.

Technology in an Evening

Last night, I decided to track my use of every computerized thing I used in an evening. I would have to say every single night brings different uses of technology, but last night I especially used my cell phone and laptop.  I used my cell phone to text and call my friends and family, since it was my birthday weekend I was on it a lot.  I have the iPhone, so I also used my phone to play games, especially my latest addiction: Words With Friends.  Unfortunately, I got pulled into the game by my friends who told me how amazing it was… but it takes up a ton of time.  I’m currently beating some people, but losing to others, too.  I also used my cell phone to search up the name of a restaurant my friends wanted to go to for dinner.  My cell phone was running slow on the wifi, so we decided to use my computer at my house instead.  I used Google to search up the address for the restaurant and to get directions.  I also went onto Facebook and uploaded pictures from the weekend, uploading them first to an album on iPhoto.  I also played music on iTunes while I was getting ready for dinner.  Some other nights I use other computerized things like a TV or iPod, but last night was pretty basic.  I find it interesting how helpful computerized things are in assisting us in our everyday lives, and to make communicating with others easier than ever.