Second Life- Same Look, New Friends, New Places

After exploring my options on the dashboard, I decided to keep my same look (skin) as I am not willing to pay real US dollars for fake online Linden dollars. So my classic school girl, blonde haired look stayed. I did however explore more places and try to meet/ socialize with new people. One spot that had a little more action than places where you just walk around and talk, such has Old Europe Winter Village, is a place called Mega Mall and Galaxy Club. Here there is loud techno music and actually simulates a club with the music and dancing. I found a group of people to dance with, but was a little confused when half of their butts were hanging out (see picture below). I became friends with someone named Diva and Henri, but they all seemed to know each other very well, carrying on their own inside conversation. I eventually left Galaxy Club as things started to get a little sexual and I did not want my avatar associated with that!