Practicum Tomorrow!

Hey Everyone!

Tomorrow is my practicum presentation, and I am really excited to share my research with the rest of the class. As you all will see in my presentation tomorrow, I had just as many failures as successes in trying to gain the trust of the participants as researchers. The senior citizens weren’t keen on the idea of being part of an experiment, so I had difficulty building personal relationships with most of them. Here is my question for you all: If you were participating in an online community that was age specific, would you feel violated if a researcher (who isn’t part of your age group) were to enter your world and ask you questions as part of a school project? I want you to put yourselves in the place of the senior citizens to see if their emotions are justified. Looking forward to tomorrow!


Bye for now!

Getting Linked on LinkedIn!

I have made more progress on my social networking sites since my presentation and I am glad to finally be able to say that I am over 100 connections on LinkedIn! 109 connections to be exact. I have also started to follow a lot of businesses as well.  I constantly get requests and several updates on who I should follow as well as requests from people in the public relations field.

I have stopped focusing on adding friends as much and have been following companies in the career field that I would like to travel towards.  I have added a bunch of big networks such as NBC, CBS, Fox and others because I would love to work in the entertainment industry.  Staying up to date with the latest news about all of these corporations is interesting and important and LinkedIn makes it easy to do so.  I have been finding LinkedIn to be extremely useful especially because the site suggests companies and networks for me to follow according to my interests.  I will continue to go on everyday and keep making important additions to my profile.


My progress on Google+ and MySpace has been pretty stable and not many interesting things have happened on these sites.  On Google+, I keep adding more people to my circles and I have been getting more friend requests and have updated my profile.  I have also continued to make steady progress on MySpace, and have continued to follow more of my favorite music groups.  One thing that I have noted is that the more music groups I follow, the more I end up getting creepy friend requests.  At first I figured that maybe I should accept these people just so that I could look at their profiles and see how I can enhance my own profile.  But I ended up deleting these new additions, and have not accepted any new friend requests that seem strange just for safety reasons.