Support Group Update

Just a quick post about what’s going on with my practicum project. I am looking into support groups, specifically loss of a pet. Today I was actually reading other people’s blogs and saw that someone was actually joining the group to do research for a project too. I thought this was kind of interesting because that is the reason that I am in the group too. I wonder if he will receive the same treatment as I did? Everyone was really nice and friendly to me but his post didn’t really have anything to do with “loss of a pet” so people may not respond the same way to him. Nevertheless, I did respond to him and told him about my experience within the group so hopefully we will be able to help each other out.


Not much new

In the last few weeks of my practicum assignment I was hoping to reach some over-arching conclusions, or make some great discoveries.  Unfortunately, not much has changed.

I did try to video conference someone but it didn’t turn out well.  I was a little skeptical to do so, being that I didn’t know any of the people I would video chat with.  However, I just told myself it would be like Chatroulette, only a little less risky because I knew the people from a chat, and I tried to pick the most normal person I could find.  My concerns were that they would not think I look 13, because I don’t.  And also that they would be really creepy and try to flash me or just say something weird.  I settled on “Farahsara” a girl age 15 (supposedly).  We decided to video conference to say hi and show each other our nail colors (I couldn’t think of anything else to relate to her about).

Unfortunately it said the connection wouldn’t go through and our devices would not connect to each other.

Other than this attempt to try something new, everyone mostly remains the same, talks about creepy stuff, and is only interested in naked girls and speaks unidentifiable chatroom language.

Lets Get Personal

After I explained in my presentation that I felt more comfortable on the forums, I tried to open up as much as possible to my “fellow” senior citizens. I continued on Boomer Women Speak website to try and open up and see what feedback I could get. I have sent a variety of personal messages to different members but I wanted to see what other feedback I could get when I post in a public forum. I was unsure how often people check the forum and if there is more popularity on certain topics rather than others. There were two things that I decided to do to try and get some research:

First, I created an anonymous post. I was curious to see if people would respond more to someone that is a member or someone that is just on the website looking for advice. I commented under the personal section and asked the group how they feel about growing old and to NOT to my surprise, no one answered. This proves my theory that senior citizens strive to build connections and are definitely hesitant to open up to strangers or anonymous contributors.

So I went back onto my alias as “lyssbe” and posted in the recipe section to see how I could interact with people. I posted a recipie of mine for Swedish metballs. Here is what I wrote:

Hello Everyone!
Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! I have a delicious recipe for sweet and sour meatballs that can be a fabulous addition to your Thanksgiving meal!

Prep Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

2 LBS of Ground Beef/Turkey
1 cup of Italian Breadcrumbs
1 Jar of Chili Sauce
1 Jar of Grape Jelly (can be sugar free)
*try to find Chili and Jelly jars that are comparable in size
1 egg
1 teaspoon of baking powder

Place the ground meat into a bowl with one cup of breadcrumbs and an egg. Mix thoroughly. Season mix with a few pinches of salt and pepper. Heat up a skillet on the stove to medium heat. Mold the meat mix into tiny size meatballs and cook them on the pan. You will probably have to do this in shifts since all of the meat won’t fit at once. As each meatball finishes cooking, place them onto a plate lined with paper towel, to remove the grease.

*NOTE: the meatballs only have to cook until they are browned on the outside. you don’t want to overcook them or they will lose the juicy flavor!

Meanwhile, pour the whole jar of jelly and whole jar of chilli sauce into a dutch oven. Then, fill both empty jars up with water and pour them into the mix as well. Turn the stove on high heat. Once the sauce starts to boil, add one teaspoon of baking powder, which will thicken the sauce. After that, turn the heat onto low, so the sauce it at a simmer. Place the cooked meatballs into the dutch oven with the sauce. Put the lid on the dutch oven and let the meatballs soak into the simmering sauce for about 30-40 minutes.

After that, serve and enjoy! One of my favorite recipes hope you enjoy it:)

I checked back a few hours later and Anne – the Boomer in Chief – responded back. From my observations, it seems that Anne responds to everyone’s post, and she was the only one who responded to my Alzheimer’s post a week ago. But, I was still happy that someone answered. Here is what she wrote:

I felt really happy after I read that. I felt like although she isn’t aware of my identity, we formed a connection when I was able to bring back an important family tradition of hers. I think this was definitely a defining moment in that I kind of stepped back from the research aspect of this practicum project and actually felt a real connection with someone. Here is what I wrote back:

Well Anne, I don’t have much Swedish recipes in my personal cookbook – this happens to be my only one but it has been passed down for years in my family so I am glad to hear you can bring this tradition back to yours. Please let me know how the meatballs come out – hope they are delicious!

I hope she enjoys the meatballs – its really crazy to think that Anne is going to be using MY recipe at her family Thanksgiving. I feel like this has been a successful forum experience.

“Reblog,” “Likes” and the Greater Tumblr Community

After such a tragic loss and horrific ending to the Michigan State vs. Wisconsin football game on Saturday night, I took to my tumblr page, Beauty and the Badger, to release some of the anger I felt towards the situation. In doing so, I decided it was time to try something I have not yet experimented with on tumblr. In my despair I started searching Wisconsin football in the search section of tumblr and found “tags” and “categories” of people’s tumblr pages on the subject . Whether it was just one post mentioning the amazing badgers or a tumblr page also dedicated to them, a list of people who had just posted about the game popped up instantly. As I scrolled through the good and bad posts, I found the people who praised Wisconsin for their effort, and posted pictures of the game or Russel Wilson captioning them in ways that expressed their love for the team. So excited to have found fellow supporters, I used the “reblog” button to post their post on my tumblr page. I captioned theirs with my own title and all of the comments/likes that people had pressed on the post followed along with it. This was a feature I had not yet used because I had never found a reason to reblog somebody else’s post on my own tumblr page until now. When I realized there were others out there just as upset as me on tumblr, I had a reason to post their thoughts on my own page. Then I realized that this is exactly what a lot of internet activities are about, forming a community of common interests and followers as Watson has mentioned before. Here is one of the posts I reblogged of a girl who took to her own tumblr page to express her love for the almighty badgers! It was great I could show her that I agree, support her post, and appreciate her love for the badgers by reblogging her post on my own!