Flickr: Practicum #5 (Wikipedia Entry)

I read through the Wikipedia entry for Flickr, and noticed that they were missing a crucial feature of the website in their description.  I saw that they failed to mention the fact that Flickr greets you in different languages!  Every time you refresh the homepage, it will tell you “hello” in a random culture or language.  It made me laugh because Flickr, as much as it is a media-based social networking website, also provides users with a way to learn languages as they go.  This learning tool is unique to Flickr, and is something that other websites that feature similar aspects like Flickr does fail to include.  I made a Wikipedia account, and clicked “edit” on the Flickr page.  I scrolled down, and using the commands provided in the editing tool, I created a new section called “Features” and added a sentence about the language learning tool.  I wrote, “Flickr allows users to learn languages as they go. On the home page of every user account, there is a greeting in a random language. Users can learn everything from Croatian to Japanese to Sign Language.”  I also checked in the citations/source area at the bottom of the page, and found out that websites like provided information about the homepage, yet people did not mention the aspect about the languages. Necessary or not, I thought my post was original, based off of facts from the website, and contributed in a positive way to the wikipedia page as a whole.


Homepage updates!

Hi everyone!

So, after getting the html coding sequence down, I finally know how to make a sidebar along side each page, within each category. This way the sidebar is not a long list of images compiled from every page of my website. Here’s what I mean:


Once you click on either of the headline categories, Graphic Design or Studio Art as examples above, it brings you to the first image of my graphic design work (left image) and the first image of my studio artwork (right image), along with a list of my other pieces I have done in both areas. Each list is completely different, for the sidebar depends on the category of her users click on to see. This was a huge step I needed to accomplish in order to continue updating and editing the pages of my website. Now, I have an organized (organization is key) list of my work, categorized under separate pages, which makes it easier for users to know what type of work of mine that they are looking at. This is essential because let’s say someone wants to hire me for a design position, but only wants to see my skills in typography. Now, they can just go to the category, “typography,” and see the relevant work they want to see from me.  I clearly have not uploaded all of my graphic design work yet because as you can see the list is compiled of two pieces, BUT I will be uploading more this week. I also plan on including a description of each piece underneath the artwork.

Additionally, a friend of mine came up to me today and said, “Elissa, I got your tweet that you put another artwork ” No Time for Breakfast,” up, and it looks awesome!” I didn’t even tell her about my website, so it was really great to hear that Twitter was automatically spreading the word about my website and telling people its updates for me!

Practicum Post #1: Presentation Tomorrow on Microblogging

Hi Class,

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting on my practicum project.  I was assigned to microblogging and decided to focus my efforts on Twitter.  I’ll begin by discussing how Twitter works, for those of you who do not frequent the site, and touch on some of the common practices people use.  I’ll also be focusing on how popularity is gained, how different types of users (media sources, celebrities, etc.) use Twitter, and the way people present their identities on the site.  To finish, I’ll discuss the similarities and differences between blogging and microblogging, as well as how Twitter is exemplary of Web 2.0.  My group and I will also compare our three projects and explain how they are related and differ.

I’ve been making a lot of progress on my project, and I have a lot of great information to share with all of you.  While many of you already have Twitter accounts, I hope I can provide you with some helpful information from my personal experiences.

My question for all of you is: Twitter only allows users to “Tweet” up to 140 characters at a time.  Do you think this is representative of our fast-paced society, and do you think it is an effective and appropriate way to get information out to “Followers”?

Have a good night,


Post # 3: Social Networking Presentation Tomorrow!

Hello class!

Tomorrow in discussion I will be presenting my practicum project on Social Networks and the progress that I have made on LinkedIn, Google+ and MySpace.  I have continued to make more headway everyday on all three sites and tomorrow you will get to see several images of the people I have made connections with, the groups I follow, and the main purposes that I use the sites for.  I will also give background on why the sites were created, the setbacks I’ve encountered while using them, and which sites I personally enjoy using the most.  My partner Elissa has worked extremely hard on creating her own personal homepage and we will also spend time discussing her accomplishments as well, which I’m sure everyone will enjoy.  Lastly, we will wrap up our presentation by showing how our sites relate and differ in a few ways, and this part of the presentation will be the most interesting.

My question to think about it is:

Are any of you members of LinkedIn, MySpace and/or Google+?  If so, which site do you find the most useful and why? If not, what are some other social networking sites other than Facebook and Twitter that you enjoy using?

See everyone tomorrow!

Flickr: Practicum #4 (Presentation Tomorrow)


Tomorrow I will be presenting my practicum project to all of you.  My topic is media-based social networking, where I have been maintaining a Flickr account, and uploading pictures.  I will be uploading more pictures next week once UW Homecoming Week is over, because I’ve been taking a lot for all of the events going on around campus.  This new “photo stream” will be of college and my life, not necessarily trails and nature shots.  In my presentation tomorrow, I will be showing a few pictures I have placed on my Flickr, as well as explaining my journey of how I’ve learned the ins and outs of everything on the site.  I knew nothing about the website when I started off, but now I can explain how things work.  I am also going to be talking about Web 2.0 vs. Web 1.0, and how these media-based social networking websites use professional standards to establish identity and hierarchy. I will also discuss how I have gained followers and requested to be “contacts” with others, mostly people that I know in real life.  The rest you’ll just have to find out tomorrow. 🙂

My question to think about is:

Do you think that the use of multimedia (in this case, pictures) is as effective as using words to communicate with others in a social networking environment?

Thanks everyone! See you tomorrow.

The Switch

After taking the workshop this past Sunday on Dreamweaver, I spent many hours trying to edit my homepage, personalize it, and replace my images with the puppy images. The point of my project is to create a homepage that projects my passion as an Artist and my experience in the field and to express it to the public, and after the workshop, the homepage I had made was about Lonely Orphan Puppies. I explained the reason the subject of “Lonely Puppies” in my previous post. As the day went on in editing my homepage, I found myself constantly Googling tutorials on the exact coding sequences I need to change the images, the format, and the character of my type. It was not until I met with another instructor last night that said,  “Why are you using Dreamweaver? Did you know that you could make a website using WordPress? It enables you to make websites however you’d like; You can design them, add pages, add links, and do mostly everything you do on Dreamweaver. The greatest aspect about it is that they have many of the coding sequences done for you!” With that said, I learned from him for 3 hours about how to create my new homepage on WordPress, and I am relieved to have learned this. My website will also look nothing like a blog, and I will explain the differences in my presentation next week! Plus, the ways in which I can share my website is now so clear and convenient for me! WordPress automatically has buttons to have appear on my homepage, such as facebook, twitter, and linkdin, where I could allow users from any network to view my website. Below are “before” and “after” pictures to see the transition I made from Dreamweaver to WordPress. Keep in my mind that after image is still a draft of my homepage that will be improved as the semester continues.


BEFORE                                                                                                                                                               AFTER

Flickr: Practicum #3

I have been keeping my Flickr updated, and I’m going out tomorrow to take more pictures.  I have posted to my friends on Facebook and Twitter, giving them my user name and saying to follow me.  I have gained several followers/contacts from that, and I will wait and see how I can communicate with them once more add me. I have a whole bunch of followers now, all of which I know from either home, school, or work.   I’m not sure what followers do on Flickr, but I will figure it out.

I have gone out of my way to comment on some people’s pictures, letting them know if I thought they did a good job, or had a cool angle or photo stream.  Right now I have 13 contacts, and I hope to get more as time goes on.  My contacts are people I have met in real life, and mostly my friends, but maybe at some point I will go through the website and request to follow strangers who take good photographs.

There is also something called “testimonials” where people can comment about your skills as a photographer, and whether or not they like your pictures.  For people who get really high testimonials, their Flickr profiles are featured on the website, and therefore more members of the website can find them and comment.  I need to add more albums of pictures, because some Flickr users have tons of photo stream albums, as some people have been members for years.  My goal for this assignment is to get more followers, so I will do everything possible to make that happen.