YouTube vs. Hulu

I decided to search a Rihanna music video on YouTube and a Rihanna music video on Hulu to compare and contrast the two. I normally always go to YouTube when searching for a music video or clip because there is a wide variety of options, which is the main difference I found between YouTube and Hulu. I searched “We Found Love” on YouTube and it came up with many search results and versions, some official videos and some unofficial videos. When I tried to search the same video on Hulu I could not find it, only other Rihanna music videos. Although both sites are a good place to search for clips and music videos, I find Hulu to be more professional. The video quality is very good and you are also able to watch TV shows or movies on Hulu, which may be harder to find on YouTube.

YouTube is definitely my go to place to search for videos, songs or clips from shows or movies, and even though Hulu’s quality is better, it won’t change my practices.