Chatroulette – Not so freaky

I’ve experienced Chatroulette before, and had some pretty interesting, and creepy experiences. Tonight I was prepared for some very graphic images, but fortunately I did not! This may be random speculation, but after tonight, I think it may depend on the day of the week as to what you will find on Chatroulette, and therefore the technopanic can be more accurate on different nights.

In the past, I’ve chatted on a Friday or Saturday night, with my friends just goofing around and seeing what this website was all about. Oddly enough, I was on at the same time as a friend of mine, but we never saw trace of each other, yet I found numerous people multiple times. That night, guys would be sitting around drinking, flipping through the masses of people who came through their computer screens, playing pranks, and showing off their genitals. I can definitely understand why there is technopanic about this website, if you are constantly viewing inappropriate and pornographic material. It can be fun for mature audiences, but for an unsuspecting teenager, or preteen, it can be a scarring experience.

Tonight, however, was a much more pleasant adventure. Everyone was clothes (whew) and I only encountered a few people who skipped past my chat immediately. Most people stayed to chat, and were just looking for something to do, someone to talk to, and probably hoping to find something silly or a creative prank. One person set up a jack in the box, which reminded me of Saw. They didn’t stay to chat when I tried to talk. I chatted with one guy who was from Mexico, and attempted to get information out of me as to where I was from, where I studied, and personal information I didn’t feel was appropriate to share with a stranger. I evaded questions and gave vague answers. He complimented me and tried to flirt with me. It was not a situation where I would feel technopanic, but I also did not feel comfortable just sharing information that he was requesting. Luckily, this site allows you to just flip right by the people who give you the willies, onto the next viewer! Another guy was getting high in the bathroom, and I couldn’t hear him, but from what I could get out of him, he sounded ready to debate and battle anyone – probably his means of entertainment, or maybe he’s more confrontational when he gets high, who knows.

So overall, concerning the technopanic, this is a harmless website for adults who are aware of what to content expect (just about anything!). I would say this website is not appropriate for young children, for obvious reasons that I experienced that one Friday night. However, it also does not disclose any more information than you are willing to give, except your country of residence. I suppose if someone were to try to hack my IP address, they could probably find my general vicinity some how, but the odds of that are slim. Most everyone I chatted with tonight was just being fun and friendly. Good experience, especially since I feared the worst 🙂

Practicum – Media Fandom

I was assigned the Media Fandom project from the Online Communities group. The instructions say to join an online discussion board devoted to some media fandom, which could be TV, Music, Movies, Gaming, etc. I figured I would go for one of my favorite TV shows, which (as a series) goes back decades. Considering this is such an old TV series, and the fans are die-hards, I figured it would make for an interesting topic.

I began my search with “Doctor Who” in Google (this is where my nerdy side comes out… where I whip out my Muppets T-shirt that says “Nerdy – Born this way” with Beaker and Dr Bunsen Honeydew).

I came across numerous sites that appeared to be more Fan-based. – this is a convention site, without any discussion boards. Fail. – this is DEFINITELY a Web 1.0 site, with tons of links (which, by the way, do not get me anywhere). Going through the numerous links brought chills; I’m too much of a Dr. Who fan, this project could be dangerous. To make a long story short, the links found in this website produced a number of discussion boards that had long since expired, and brought me back to square one.

Since these keywords in the Google search were not giving me much, I tried again “Dr. Who Discussion Boards” which brought me to the 1st on the list : SyFy Forums! Score 1 for Jenny! I have not participated in chats yet. I’m holding back a little before I catch up on the latest episodes, for fear of spoiler alerts. So it goes, I’ll have to begin my 45 posts tomorrow, after our first quiz.


Hello! I’m also Jenny, I see there’s another one of us!

I’m from Madison – born and raised. My major is Comm Arts focusing on the rhetoric side. I’m driven by interpersonal communication and a much more psychological analysis of humans. I like to learn how people tick, and how to better appease them, whether they be business customers or friends. My first thought was to major in marketing, but I enjoy the CA courses much more because they are theory based and can be applied to every-day-life, as well as career-life. I’m looking forward to understanding this course, especially since I have no academic history with TV/Radio Courses, and my entire semester is filled with internet-based curriculum.

I like to make earrings in my spare time. I created a business plan in high school and intend to carry it out. You can find my earrings on facebook, but it’s a work-in-progress since I just created it, and half of my materials are at my parents’ home. The business is called ‘Earrings By Lobe Designs’, and hopefully one day I will open on State Street!

Okay, great meeting you. Hasta luego!

Reaction to History of the Internet

This video had a very good way of explaining the main concepts, and especially at showing. The images helped understand both what was happening, and what they were trying to avoid (ex: the scene about decentralization, with blowing up one tower, what that would do to the network, then displaying how they combated that threat). All of this sounded like a good review of what we went over in class.

The one thing that put me off guard though, was the part about IMPs. I am a little confused about the point of the mainframe, if they have another computer that is doing all the work, and controling network activities. Why did they need two different mechanisms for what seemed to be doing what one computer was capable of?

I suppose I’m thinking from the 21st century, with mini computers for phones, but I did have to go back over that portion of the video and try to understand a little more clearly.