Support Groups Are Intimidating

For my practicum project I joined an online support group for alcoholism.  I chose alcoholism because it is an addiction that is quite prevalent as is its media coverage.  I felt this topic would allow me to interact with many individuals and hear their stories about their alcohol problems and learn how support groups helped them recover/heal or if groups left much more to be desired.   I started out on my first discussion board submission by introducing myself and giving my reasoning for joining the group.  I let everyone know it was for a project but I also disclosed that I have gotten in trouble with alcohol in the past and would use this opportunity to learn things as well.  I asked if anyone would volunteer to maintain a continuous conversation with me about their issues with alcohol and explain to me how support groups influenced their lives.  I felt it was necessary to disclose a lot of information about myself so that what I was doing was ethical and the other members would trust me and feel comfortable disclosing information to me as well.  I am still waiting for any replies and I will update you all when that happens