Practicum – Media Fandom

I was assigned the Media Fandom project from the Online Communities group. The instructions say to join an online discussion board devoted to some media fandom, which could be TV, Music, Movies, Gaming, etc. I figured I would go for one of my favorite TV shows, which (as a series) goes back decades. Considering this is such an old TV series, and the fans are die-hards, I figured it would make for an interesting topic.

I began my search with “Doctor Who” in Google (this is where my nerdy side comes out… where I whip out my Muppets T-shirt that says “Nerdy – Born this way” with Beaker and Dr Bunsen Honeydew).

I came across numerous sites that appeared to be more Fan-based. – this is a convention site, without any discussion boards. Fail. – this is DEFINITELY a Web 1.0 site, with tons of links (which, by the way, do not get me anywhere). Going through the numerous links brought chills; I’m too much of a Dr. Who fan, this project could be dangerous. To make a long story short, the links found in this website produced a number of discussion boards that had long since expired, and brought me back to square one.

Since these keywords in the Google search were not giving me much, I tried again “Dr. Who Discussion Boards” which brought me to the 1st on the list : SyFy Forums! Score 1 for Jenny! I have not participated in chats yet. I’m holding back a little before I catch up on the latest episodes, for fear of spoiler alerts. So it goes, I’ll have to begin my 45 posts tomorrow, after our first quiz.